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Woolbuddy began as an artist’s desire to find a unique collection oftoys for his newborn daughter. After searching for months and coming up empty handed, he decided that it was time for him to create his own collection of premium handcrafted stuffed animals that reflected the imaginative and magical world that he wanted to share with his daughter. By combining his love for needle felting and his desire to make his daughter something that she would remember for years to come, Woolbuddy was born.

In just two years, over 300 characters have come to life and now make up the six distinctive collections of the Woolbuddy World. There are Loveable Monsters, animals from The Zoo, Woolbuddies living on The Farm,Sea Creatures that swim through the ocean, reptiles that spend their day lounging around The Swamp,and Itty Bitty Critters that wonder throughout the land.

866 Patricia Way • San Rafael , California 94903
Contact: Jackie Huang
Phone: (415) 307-1932