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Tired of struggling with the crib sheet, mattress, mattress pad and mess? So was I. Zip Sheets® evolved from this pile of dirty laundry. We came up with the idea for a mattress cover that zips closed and a pad, better make that a waterproof pad (or Piddle Pad™ as we like to call them), that attaches to the mattress cover with VELCRO® brand fasteners. Changing the crib just got a whole lot easier!

Pull the Piddle Pad™ off when it’s dirty and put a clean one on in its place. The mattress cover (Zip Sheet®) stays clean and you’re done in 30 seconds or less!

We love offering the safety and convenience of Zip Sheets® to all you moms and dads with kids. You may be asking yourself, “Safety? What does safety have to do with it?”

Zip Sheets® were originally designed to save time and what’s left of your sanity in the middle of the night. But after extensive research we discovered a larger purpose - to keep infants and toddlers from pulling up the corners of their fitted sheets and becoming entangled in them.

Fitted sheets that do not fit properly over the mattress or are easily pulled off during the night or when a child is playing in their crib can cause serious accidents. When it comes to your children you deserve peace of mind.

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