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Welcome to the wonderful world of ZOOCCHINI, a place for the softest, most adorable friends on the planet…at least we think so!

ZOOCCHINI’s relationships, high standard of quality and continued service to our customers, is what has driven ZOOCCHINI. In 2013, the former owner felt the best way to continue to accomplish this was to entrust ZOOCCHINI to a company who would be able to respect the craftsmanship, while breathing in new energy. As a result, iKERE Ltd purchased ZOOCCHINI. (iKERE is an acronym for Innovation; Knowledge; Experience; Relationships; Execution)

Our team’s combined 90+ years of specialty retail expertise in children’s apparel, gift-ware and accessories coupled with global manufacturing, sourcing and product development experience, delivers greater business value as your new design partner.

Our goal is to make the very best accessible to all children, ensuring that each ZOOCCHINI piece is individually beautiful and different. We have taken ZOOCCHINI’s flagship product, animal hooded towels, to the next level by improving design, quality and packaging as well as distinguishing between baby and kids and expanding the brands product categories.

Today, our growing team continues to inventively grow the brand, all while staying true to ZOOCCHINI’s fun and whimsical identity.

Look for all of our wonderful ZOOCCHINI products and start your own ZOOCCHINI collection today. We guarantee the quality and “cuteness” of all our friends!

See you at the zoo!

ZOOCCHINI • P.O. Box 1323 • Passaic, New Jersey 07055
Contact: Susheil Joshi
Phone: (855) 792-6466
Local: (855) 792-6466
Fax: (973) 988-2450