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Seven years and seven children ago, Amy McCoy started selling cloth diapers online to help save on family expenses. Guess the change did her good. The online venture has grown to become a successful resource for gift-givers looking for quality, convenience, variety and value. Retailing is definitely not just for brick-and-mortor stores any more. Amy shares her gifts, insights and efforts to juggle a big family and big business!

Lately I get calls almost daily asking me to rep a line. Most often, my answer is “No Thanks,” followed by a genuine “Good Luck!” This response leaves a lot of frustrated designer/manufacturers out there who often hang up the phone maybe feeling a little bitter at yet another refusal.

Looking for great ways to grow your bottom line? Then look for the new Chic and Minky Clean Shopper lines at the Dallas Show! We’ll be in the Larry Lucas Showroom (Suite 8301) as well as in RBA (Suite 2999). Scoop up Minky Clean Shopper, Blanket and Burper gift sets or stock up on Chic prints!

At the recent Licensing International Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, Disney Consumer Products announced key character franchises poised for breakout growth at retail over the next several years. Learns what’s coming for these favorites … Handy Manny. Hannah Montana. Toy Story 3. Mickey Mouse. Winnie the Pooh. Disney Princesses. Tinker Bell. Disney Fairies. DCP has plans to keep favorite characters going and growing for new and old generations!

Visual merchandising. More than an arrangement of signs and products. To increase sales, engage more senses. Create an experience. Satisfy needs, but generate wants. The Giggle Guide™ provides display tips for retailers and manufacturers. In stores, or at trade events, what you see and hear matters. Create attention grabbers Generate buzz. Turn window shopping into increased sales! What customers see, hear and touch influences what they get!

Good Gracious!

Here’s a list of the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this April for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in January ΄09.
  • Deborah Cox (singer), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in March ΄09.
  • Nicole Pantenburg & Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds, who received a BabyMakes3 basket in November ΄08.
Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

The CPSC has just released a 28 page PDF document to help sellers of used children’s products understand the CPSIA and existing regulations:

CPSC Handbook for Resale Stores and Product Resellers

While it’s directed at the sale of used products, it certainly contains more “digestible” information on the CPSIA then most of government publications. Smile

Celebrity Baby Yard Sale

to be held Saturday, May 30th from 8 AM – 4PM in the Garden at the Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel 12825 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, California Phone 800.821.8511/818.769.4700

Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

February 2009, Nashville, TN: After spending 22 years in entertainment PR, BopStarBaby founder MaryLenore Arsenault knew the power - and profitability - of fame. Seeing the legions of new celebrity parents filling the tabloids, she realized that their babies would be ideal models for luxury baby products, and launched BopStarBaby in the spring of 2006.

Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

It’s been a little crazy around here lately and sorry for my absence. I’m still filling LA orders which will be finished this week and I finally finished this piece that I’ve been working on for charity. It is so cool. I used reclaimed vintage papers for the world and acrylic paints for the rest. I even love the font I picked…it kinda has a retro feel to it.

I’m also donating a Hawk plush pillow to go along side of this fabulous painting, which I believe is a must have. I’ve mentioned before that this pillow is even cuter in person.

Want fries with that outfit?

The Giggle Guide™ helps children’s retailers make the most from every sale. Suggestive selling. Customer role-playing. Employee motivation. Impulse buys. Counter intelligence. Know your products, your customer and your sales potential. Hear what your customer really needs. Show. Sell. Practice. Praise. Reward! Learn to Super Size… with The Giggle Guide™!

Behind The Brand” uncovers what makes Stephan Baby a successful name in the children’s marketplace. Co-owner Jan Campbell explains how a sister’s frozen boo-boo remedy provided the initial inspiration and how, 22 years later, Stephan Baby is adapting to handle increasing government regulation and a rapidly changing global economy. With over two decades of industry experience, we can all benefit from her insights.