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Looking into the trusting eyes of a baby, it’s hard to imagine anything more pure. Parents today are looking for the best, most wholesome products for their precious new addition, and that includes toys! With more and more mainstream toys being recalled for toxic paints or harmful components, many parents are turning to the basics to keep their children safe and happy. What better way do parents have to protect and stimulate their children than to consider the tactile delight of pure, organically inspired plush toys? The Giggle Guide® looks at four companies that meet these needs: Apple Park, miYim. Sigikid, and Simply Fido.

ABC Kids Expo - Las Vegas, Nevada (9/13/09 - 9/16/09)

The Giggle Guide’s Leesa Valentino and David Gaunt have been walkin’ and talkin’ throughout the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. With over one million square feet of exhibit space, our four feet are barkin’. We saw miles of product during the four day event and are pleased to report that buyers are spending money and exhibitors seem upbeat. Lots of positive energy!

Special thanks to The World Market Center, Vegas Kids, for inviting us to be guest speakers for their seminar series. Our presentation “Web Sites: Optimize to Maximize” on September 15th, was a big success.

KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (8/31/09 - 9/2/09)

Kudos to KidShow for hosting another great trade event at Bally’s, Las Vegas. Denise Raeside, and her entire team, work hard to create a welcoming, relaxed and friendly shopping environment for manufacturers, designers and retailers to meet, greet and get down to business for Spring 2010. KidShow’s traditional perks include a free breakfast, lunch and snacks every day. It’s especially nice that the dining tables are round and large so vendors and retailers can visit and get to know each other in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Here are a few exhibitors that really captured our attention at the event: Starting Green,Lexi Kate Designs, Princess Teeza, Jen’s Ideas, and Cacamamie.

Mom Inventors Help Build the Baby Business with Inspired Inventions!
This week, The Giggle Guide® will highlight some new products and line extensions premiering at The ABC Kids Expo, Las Vegas Convention Center, Sept 13-16.

SummerMuff is a soft sac that lines infant carriers, strollers and joggers to provide baby comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful ways. It’s invented by a mom, Colleen Schropfer, who brought the product to market after looking for something to protect her own child. Dipe n’ Go is another real-life solution to a problem that inspired mom Rose Marie Iskowitz to change the way parents change diapers on-the-go. At the ABC Show, oftentimes, moms are the mothers of invention!

New Fair to Run Concurrently with Gift & Home Textiles Market Week®

7 W New York continues to be “business central” for the best markets and fairs in NYC. In order to continue to deliver more value to its buyers and showrooms, the building is pleased to announce its latest initiative. This January will be the launch of the first NYC BABY & KIDS FAIR, which will take place on the 11th floor during three days of the 7 W Gift and Home Textiles Market (January 30 - February 1, 2010). Exhibitors will display baby and kids apparel, accessories, furnishings, gifts and textiles to a robust audience of buyers from across the country.

Nothing melts a heart quite like a well-crafted teddy bear and they don’t get much better than Bearington Collection bears. The Bearington Collection has been designing and manufacturing high quality teddy bears for 12 years. Founded by the Stray family, it’s still run by Mom and Dad, Betty and Jim, alongside sister and brother, Jamie and Brad.

ABC has been the alpha-buzz at children’s apparel and gift shows over the last few years. There is interest, anticipation and a little mystery among children’s apparel manufacturers about the ABC Kids Expo, September 13 – 16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. ( I get asked more questions about the ABC Show than any other. Since JPMA discontinued its trade show a couple years ago, the ABC Kids Expo is currently the only national trade event designed especially for the juvenile products industry.

Meet The Giggle Guide’s Editor/Co-Founder Leesa Valentino and Editorial Director David Gaunt at KidShow Las Vegas, Bally’s, #803, Aug 31 - Sept 2. Retailers will have a chance to win daily prizes — great children’s products donated by a variety of leading brands. Stop by to learn more about The Giggle Guide®, take an online tour and enter to win products that you can then take back to your stores for your own in-store promotions to help generate increased store traffic. A BIG thanks to all our brand participants!

A great way to accessorize the kids when planning a trip to the beach!
Fun big towels ( 40” by 70”) with a bag, hats and dresses for the girls.
Whimsical, colorful designs that make any day a happy day.

Contact: Ditteke Ederveen / (305) 877-2603

This is one of my favorite times of year. It’s warm, beautiful and green outside and instead of going Back-to-School, I start Part II of my bi-annual trade show circuit. Current count: 2 down, 6 to go.

Trade show season is in my top 3 “Things I Love about my Job.” It starts with unpacking box after box of Spring 2010 samples and continues with meeting new clients, networking with colleagues and visiting beautiful cities all over the US. It’s crazy, it’s busy and I occasionally feel like I’ll never “get it all done” by October 31st but… I’m happily addicted to this time of year. We can always sleep in November, right?

It’s a jacket! It’s a raging animal! It’s a pillow! It’s a bag! . . . It’s T-Jack! Wonders seem to be busting at the seams with this transforming multi-featured jacket-of-all-trades for Fall. Kids will warm up to the jacket that tansforms them into favorite animals, and calms them too in the form of a cozy pillow for naps and rest times. Here’s a discovery that The Giggle Guide™ just had to share before the school bells ring!

At The Giggle Guide™, our “Road to Success” series shares the interesting paths leaders in the children’s industry have taken that have guided and influenced their businesses. We recently heard about the journey of Pat Martinek, founder of Martinek BéBé. We’ve all heard about “Renaissance men,” but nothing about “Renaissance women.” Pat is a true Renaissance woman. She is known for her award-winning furniture products — round & rectangular cribs, hand-forged cradles, armoires, toy chests and other baby-oriented furniture — plus innovative, elegantly designed store fixtures.