Need a Bear Hug? It MUST be a Bearington!

Froggy Coat

Giant Tippy Toeshoes

I am a great display piece!
Nothing melts a heart quite like a well-crafted teddy bear and they don’t get much better than Bearington Collection bears. The Bearington Collection has been designing and manufacturing high quality teddy bears for 12 years. Founded by the Stray family, it’s still run by Mom and Dad, Betty and Jim, alongside sister and brother, Jamie and Brad.

Each plush is developed and designed by the mom-and-daughter team, from the character idea down to the last stitch. Some bears’ clothes are inspired by family trips or photographs. With a deep love for quality stuffed animals, each design element is crafted with care. From quality furs to perfectly plump tummies and beautiful accessories, each stitch is placed with great care.

The line has expanded from its humble beginning to a bi-annual catalog with 60-80 page full of lovable Bearington Collection characters. Adding to the traditional teddy bear collection are wildlife, country critters and cats & dogs lines. Bearington Collection prides itself on its instantly recognizable commitment to quality and appeal. Each piece is designed to practically jump off the shelves and scream, “it must be a Bearington!”

Grandaughters Inspire Bearington Baby Collection

Giraffe Couture Diaper Bag

Bearington's fashionable yet functional diaper bag
The Bearington den continues to expand, as does the Stray family with two new granddaughters. Along with the new babies came the inspiration for the Bearington Baby Collection, a line that includes everything from soft baby blankets and diaper bags to cuddly animal coats and coordinating toys and shoes. The baby themes include pink bunny, green frog, cream lamb, and blue elephant. A new collection, Baby Blessings, includes christening items, including Vintage Blanket, Blessings Bibs and Snugglers, Pillows and Blessing Lullaby plush. There is also a Bearington Baby Couture Collection which includes buntings, coats and dresses in Girage, Luxe Leopard, Mink Couture, and Créme de la Cream.

Bearington has received 85 industry awards since 2000 including TOBY Public Choice Awards, Golden Teddy Nominations, and multiple collectible awards. The quality and appeal of Bearington Collection plushes are only matched by the wide selection. For more information about the Bearington Collection and Bearington Baby Collection visit

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