See The Giggle Guide™ at KidShow and Win Gift Baskets!

All this can be a lucky retailer's at KidShow!

Meet The Giggle Guide’s Editor/Co-Founder Leesa Valentino and Editorial Director David Gaunt at KidShow Las Vegas, Bally’s, #803, Aug 31 - Sept 2. Retailers will have a chance to win daily prizes — great children’s products donated by a variety of leading brands. Stop by to learn more about The Giggle Guide®, take an online tour and enter to win products that you can then take back to your stores for your own in-store promotions to help generate increased store traffic. A BIG thanks to all our brand participants!

In-Store Promotions with Retailer’s Gift Baskets!

”The main reason The Giggle Guide® is awarding KidShow Gift Baskets to lucky retailers is to help them provide in-store promotions that will provide customer appreciation, increase store traffic and sales. We hope that retailers will take the gifts back to their store and plan promotions with the gifts for their own customers,” says David Gaunt, “Retailers can conduct a free raffle, community fund-raiser, coloring contest, beautiful baby pageant, essay contest, jelly bean counting contest, or any other creative ideas that they want to try to build excitement in their stores!” There is so much product in the gift assortments that retailers can either award individual prizes, or a big basket for a lucky customer. Following the in-store events, The Giggle Guide® will publish the retailer’s contest, and lucky winner(s).

This is a promotion that emphasizes and celebrates the generous teamwork between participating manufacturers, the KidShow Las Vegas and attending buyers to help retailers build their business through in-store events. Just as in attending the trade events, this is also an opportunity for retailers to discover brands that they may not already carry in their stores.

Thanks to all the Brands that Participated in The Retailer Giveaway

The Giggle Guide® appreciates all the brands that contributed product for the Retailer Giveaway at KidShow. The Giggle Guide® will award at least six plentiful gift assortments, and some individual prizes as well. Many companies donated product to include a sampling in every basket. Thanks also to Hilary Abbott Communications for its valuable support in acquiring some donations. Participating brands include:

• Baby Banz
• BabyLegs
• Bayabyabc
• Bebe Bella
• Biscotti
• Bop Star Baby - Celebrity Baby Baskets
• Bows Arts
• Bumklins
• Cachcach
• ChiChi Baby
• Child to Cherish
• Clean Shopper/Babe Ease
• Dolly and Dimples
• Dpoppen
• Fantaisie Kids
• Gigi’s Apparel
• Happy Heineys
• HayliBugs/My Stuff
• Huggalugs
• J.AustinRyan
• Juvenile Solutions
• KidzBiz Marketing
• kokopak
• Kushies
• Lucky Jade
• Luxe Baby
• Mutsy
• My NapPak
• Neatnik Saucer
• Noo
• No Slippy Hair Clippy
• Padallily
• Patricia Ann Designs
• Pediped
• Pedoodles
• Pippi Tails
• Silikids
• Sonny and Reed
• Sozo
• Stylease
• SwaddleDesigns
• Teeny Tiny Optics
• Tiny Tongs (Caray’s)
• Tralala
• WorryWoo Monsters

The Giggle Guide® Guide Seminar at World Market Center, September 15

The Giggle Guide’s Leesa Valentino and David Gaunt will present, “Web Sites: Optimize to Maximize” on September 15 at the World Market Center, Las Vegas, as part of the seminar series at Vegas Kids. The presentation will provide user-friendly tips on how to motivate repeat online visitors and customers. Attendees will be guided through many of today’s hot Internet business topics: Web site optimization, search engine ranking, affiliate programs, visitor loyalty and more. Discover how to take what works for you and adapt it to your Internet audience. The Internet can multiply the power of “word-of-mouth.” This is an informative, yet non-techie presentation. Retailers and manufacturers are invited to attend the free sessions.

We also plan to award a Retailer Gift Basket to a lucky attendee. For more information, visit

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