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Have you ever seen a baby sitting in a highchair surrounded by an ocean of discarded food, or witnessed a parent repeatedly picking toys and silverware up from the floor? Perhaps that’s been your child, or perhaps you’ve been that parent.

Now, thanks to Neatnik Saucer, you can recapture the joy of eating out…and you can do it with your child! You will look forward to dining out because you won’t have to worry about dirty tables and highchairs, AND because you won’t have to spend half your meal picking up toys, plates and food from the floor. Once things end up on the floor, you can’t give them back to your child without sterilizing them - and we all know what happens when you take away a toy (or candy) from a baby!

Your fellow diners and restaurant staff will thank you too - no one likes to watch a fine meal end up on the floor (or clean it up later).

All Neatnik Saucers fit standard restaurant highchairs and collapse into a matching 12-inch by 12-inch carry bag. Babies and toddlers ages 6 months and up can use Neatnik Saucer.

3764 Rice Blvd • Houston, Texas 77005
Contact: Cookie
Phone: (713) 890-2616
Fax: (832) 218-5005


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