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Seven years and seven children ago, Amy McCoy started selling cloth diapers online to help save on family expenses. Guess the change did her good. The online venture has grown to become a successful resource for gift-givers looking for quality, convenience, variety and value. Retailing is definitely not just for brick-and-mortor stores any more. Amy shares her gifts, insights and efforts to juggle a big family and big business!

Lately I get calls almost daily asking me to rep a line. Most often, my answer is “No Thanks,” followed by a genuine “Good Luck!” This response leaves a lot of frustrated designer/manufacturers out there who often hang up the phone maybe feeling a little bitter at yet another refusal.

Looking for great ways to grow your bottom line? Then look for the new Chic and Minky Clean Shopper lines at the Dallas Show! We’ll be in the Larry Lucas Showroom (Suite 8301) as well as in RBA (Suite 2999). Scoop up Minky Clean Shopper, Blanket and Burper gift sets or stock up on Chic prints!

How can such a little body -I’m talking 30″ long - burp up so much…stuff? It’s a mystery for many, but thanks to the award-winning Clean Burper burp cloth, it’s no longer a problem. This over-sized and extra absorbent burp cloth was designed with baby’s comfort and mom’s clothes in mind.

Almost every Web site I visit has an About Us page. It’s a personal touch on a website and one that I visit on almost every site I browse. What most small business owners or marketing directors forget when they create this page is that this page is for a specific, targeted audience. The About Us page is a concise summary for your brand, explaining why you felt compelled to start a business, why your products should get a piece of a consumer’s disposable income and why you should be trusted to deliver on your promise.

Our new, super comfy Luxe Brown Swirl Minky Clean Shopper is on its way to Elisabeth Hasselbeck! Constance Zimmer has our Luxe Pink Minky Clean Shopper as well!

At the recent Licensing International Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, Disney Consumer Products announced key character franchises poised for breakout growth at retail over the next several years. Learns what’s coming for these favorites … Handy Manny. Hannah Montana. Toy Story 3. Mickey Mouse. Winnie the Pooh. Disney Princesses. Tinker Bell. Disney Fairies. DCP has plans to keep favorite characters going and growing for new and old generations!

Little for Now natural parenting store is an online retailer offering eco-friendly and attachment-parenting products. Little for Now is a one-stop shop for cloth diapers and accessories, baby carriers, and slings. Julie Renee Holland shares how her little business grew through many changes!

Finding a sales rep—the right rep—isn’t easy. Here are a few suggestions to help make your search a success.

Online resources in your industry are a great way to find reps. In the kid’s industry, the following websites are terrific resources that give vital information about regional sales reps including contact information, the territory that they cover, trade shows that they attend and other lines that they represent:

As many pregnant woman know, you are exhausted during your first trimester of the pregnancy. I read about this in a book prior to getting pregnant and thought … that won’t happen to me. I’m pretty active and I hate taking naps. I was totally wrong. I’m lucky if I can make it through dinner some nights without falling asleep at the dinner table. It’s a good thing the chairs aren’t too comfortable. So I’ve done a better job of getting ready for bed earlier. I am also very lucky to have a flexible job, so if I over sleep, it’s okay if I am a little late to work.

“A penny saved is a penny earned?” With today’s inflation and recession and depression or whatever else that ends in an “ion” that we’re in together, we all have to pinch greenbacks, not coins! Who is finding ways to save? If your customers are not spending more, better start saving more. Here’s some penny-wise tips from The Giggle Guide™. Help your fellow retailer, and share the wealth of ideas you have tried that make you a “wiser miser”!

Thanks for reading, and for all your answers. Since all answers were essentailly “correct” the winner of the Baby Prize Pack from LJBryn&Co. including: Doctor T’s Super Goop SPF 30 organic sunscreen, Scout Baby Organics bodysuit and an Itzy Ritzy wet bag is… JCB, who responded on May 25th. Congrats JCB and please email me your contact info!

These “intended answers” were:

  1. SBO small business owner
  2. COB close of business
  3. ROI return on investment
  4. NLT no later than
  5. TTYL talk to you later
  6. ABC All Baby & Child