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New Fair to Run Concurrently with Gift & Home Textiles Market Week®

7 W New York continues to be “business central” for the best markets and fairs in NYC. In order to continue to deliver more value to its buyers and showrooms, the building is pleased to announce its latest initiative. This January will be the launch of the first NYC BABY & KIDS FAIR, which will take place on the 11th floor during three days of the 7 W Gift and Home Textiles Market (January 30 - February 1, 2010). Exhibitors will display baby and kids apparel, accessories, furnishings, gifts and textiles to a robust audience of buyers from across the country.

Good Gracious!

Here are the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this August for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Jason & Naomi Priestley, who received BabyMakes3 and Big Sister baskets in July ′09.
  • Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), who received a Baby2Be basket in April ′09.
  • Kathryn Hahn (Crossing Jordan) who received a BabyMakes3 basket in August ′09.

Seen on the Scene

Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827
KidShow - Las Vegas, Nevada (8/31/09 - 9/2/09)

Denise Raeside, KidShow Manager, says in her welcome letter, “Buyers are buying albeit carefully, but they are buying and that is a good sign.” Energy, and positive hopes for Spring 2010 motivated buyers shopping over 300 brands at the KidShow’s opening day. Buyer traffic was strong, and many exhibitors were very upbeat about the number and volume of orders written. Not just looky-loos here! Famous children’s brands, as well as new brands, were busy meeting, greeting and doing business!

In addition to the fabulous new, eco-friendly packaging on our original line, we’re launching delicious new prints in our popular Chic line of Clean Shoppers and Clean Diners as well! And our Chic line comes complete with adorably trendy, reusable drawstring totes. We’ll be showing off our new Loop D Loop and Black & White prints at the September ABC show, so you can buy everything in time for the holidays! Visit us at the show, Booth #320, for a sneak peak at everything Chic!

Good Gracious!

Here are the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this July for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in January ′09.
  • A secret celebrity (whose pregnancy has yet to be announced), who received a Baby2Be basket in June ′09.

Seen on the Scene

Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

Just back from a great weekend in Atlanta – and almost ready to get back to work….

I just got a really nice thank-you email from Larry Birkhead with these sweet pictures of Dannielynn. She’s wearing the new No Slippy Hair Clippy® bows we sent her last month; he says they’re ideal for a single father who has no idea what to do with a little girl’s hair. I must disagree. I think he’s doing a great job – she always looks adorable!

Editorial Director’s Product Picks Here’s Part 2 of what caught my attention on a recent visit to the California Market Center, located in the heart of the garment district in downtown Los Angeles. The 6th floor is the showplace for everything in-fashion for children. Most of the permanent showrooms are members of the Kids on 6 co-op association. As you enter your open-to-buy season, make this a must-see destination. If buyers pick up a few new lines, they can reap a “gold mine” for their stores. You can also learn more about sales reps thru the easy-to-search Guide on The Giggle Guide™. Checking out sales rep showrooms in advance can help you plan your shopping itinerary. Tell them The Giggle Guide™ sent you! And let us know your discoveries!

Nashville, July 2009: After three years of success creating and promoting celebrity baby baskets, BopStar is expanding! Citing her ample prior experience as a publicist in the entertainment business, BopStar’s founder and President MaryLenore Arsenault has decided to revitalize her publicity services.

“Publicity has always been my first love,” she declares, “It is so gratifying to be able to tell the world about people doing great things – whether they’re making music or designing products.”

Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

I have had the recent pleasure of coming across a special little store. Upon entering their Web site you are instantly aware that you are about to venture where only the cutest, sweetest baby things are.. pictures of little angels in leopard leotards and flapper style hats let you know that you are in for a unique experience. This is not your average Baby Boutique. In fact this is Brea’s Baby Boutique, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

    We’re on the verge of making some exciting changes here at BopStarBaby!
    Please make sure to check our website (
    after the 4th of July weekend for all the details.

Good Gracious!

Here are the celebrities who took the time to send personal thank-you notes this June for their BopStarBaby Celebrity Baskets:

  • Cam Gigandet (Twilight) and Dominique Geisendorff, who received a BabyMakes3 basket in June ′09.
  • Danielle Friedland (Celebrity Baby Blog), who received a BabyMakes3 basket in May ′09.
Contact: MaryLenore Arsenault / (647) 382-7827

We send special baskets full of new product to the media every spring, and we’re already seeing spectacular results! Baby Couture’s new issue is featuring no less than four of our items – one pair of eco-friendly leather sandals from Pedoodles®, one bath toy from Elegant Baby®, and one headband and one hairclip from No Slippy Hair Clippy®. Check it out – Tori Spelling is on the cover.

Seven years and seven children ago, Amy McCoy started selling cloth diapers online to help save on family expenses. Guess the change did her good. The online venture has grown to become a successful resource for gift-givers looking for quality, convenience, variety and value. Retailing is definitely not just for brick-and-mortor stores any more. Amy shares her gifts, insights and efforts to juggle a big family and big business!