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The creative vision for Cameo by RUX comes from RUX Design, a Manhattan based multidisciplinary design studio founded in 2008 by Russell Greenberg. The inspiration for a truly personal and unique baby gift came to Russell when his wife was pregnant with their son Kingston. The Cameo by RUX baby rattle is the ultimate baby gift for new parents. Each beautiful rattle is a custom family portrait. The ends of the rattle are hand carved in their workshop to match the unique contours of the baby’s parents’ faces. The handle of the rattle is etched with the baby’s name.

Bringing art and play together is Long Pond Company’s mission. Long Pond Company creates unique, heirloom-quality wood toys, furniture and other personalized gifts for children. All Long Pond creations are custom made to order. They use furniture-grade hardwoods and hardwood laminates finished with a durable gloss acrylic for lasting beauty and cleanliness. Customers can customize their orders with Long Pond’s original art and characters, and hand-painted personalization is available at no extra cost. All Long Pond Company toys and furniture are made in the U.S.A.

Retailers may still be making final buying decisions for the 2012 fall and holiday season. Top off the season with one of the biggest trends: hats, hats, hats! From traditional pom-pom caps to fantastical ski masks, the perfect hat should go with any coat, dressy or play, but have enough detail to set it apart from everyday stocking caps. Our picks all have unique elements, plus are warm enough for little ears while also being adorable enough to make parents skip the local drugstore 2-for-1 sale and head to your store: Ambler, 2HKnits, Virginia Dunn and Patouche.

“Buy American!” is a more common rallying cry as concerned consumers support the high standards that make US products some of the best in the world. A Gallup Poll showed that more than half of the consumers surveyed would be willing to pay a premium for US goods. Stateside companies not only support and grow the American economy via sales transactions, but they also create new opportunities for local, quality brands. Capitalizing on American know-how and craftsmanship, 100%Gumdrop, Radish Moon, Holt and Lulu, and American Plastic Toys have stayed true to their roots by bringing customers the peace of mind that US-made goods can buy.

Trends come and go, but one thing always stays the same: classic clothing. While customers are sure to scoop up a few of the latest trends for their children, they are happy to invest in foundational pieces that never go out of style. Vintage clothing and accessories speak directly to our nostalgia, our sense of sturdy, trusty fashion, and remind us of our heritage. Partnering with vintage purveyors, including Home Spun Vintage, Grass & Clovers, Rachel Riley and Bottleblond Jewels, offers a timeless way to add to a retailer’s sales foundation.

Playtime New York - New York, New York (3/10/12 - 3/12/12)

The 4th edition of Playtime New York was held in March at 82 Mercer. Retailers are drawn to the cutting edge and modern selection of creative, exclusive and upscale merchandise that demands a setting that is different from traditional trade shows. Within an increasingly strong dynamic nourished by the international network of the Playtime trade fairs, this New York edition took place in an atmosphere that was stimulating and relaxing. Many fresh designers, including Neve Inspired, JUMINA, LOUANN and boy+girl previewed their fall/winter collections.

Woolly Boo is proud to announce its partnership with The Benjamin Hotel in New York City, where sleep is core, not an afterthought or coincidence.

Woolly Boo’s Toddler Pillow was selected as the official pillow of Winks’ Kidzzz Club, the hotel’s sleepy time program for the little leaders of tomorrow, to help reinforce the program’s mission of educating children and parents alike on the importance of sleep and healthy bedtime rituals such as choosing organic, chemical-free bedding, avoiding TV 1.5 hours before bedtime, and keeping a regular bedtime schedule even during vacation.

Contact: Selma Avdicevic / (973) 544-8404

National Sleep Week is approaching and in honor of promoting a safe, healthy and good night’s sleep, Woolly Boo is offering a free gift at Playtime New York.

Buyers, stop by and say hello to the founder, Selma Avdicevic, and learn more about the benefits of Woolly Boo products. Her heirloom quality toddler pillows, blankets, sleep sacks and the new All In One Nap Mat keep children comfortable and happy!

Playtime New York opens on Saturday, March 10 through Monday, March 12, at 82 Mercer, in Soho, New York City. Woolly Boo will be in Booth A19.

Contact: Selma Avdicevic / (973) 544-8404

Whether it is one princess and a table full of stuffed guests, several little girls gathered in their finest, special tea time with grandma, a pouting little brother forced to be the two in his sister’s tea, plain or fancy, tea parties are a cherished, timeless pastime. Tea sets can be found in a variety of styles: made of plastic, enamelware, porcelain or wood, modern or classic, brightly colored or painted by hand, there is the perfect set for every little girl. The Giggle Guide® serves up a party that includes sets from Jack Rabbit Creations, Beatrix Potter by Reutter Porcelain, I’m Still Me and Melissa & Doug.

Families around the world are living better, dressing more stylishly, and want to provide their progeny with luxe looks. Nothing connotes style and quality like a garment made in Italy. Success stems from Italy’s rich cultural past and extensive history, which have both had a tremendous effect on haute couture. Italians understand the impact of the valuable “la bella figura” for adults and children. Designers including Gallucci, Malip, Silvian Heach Kids, and detta dada celebrate the classic and chic designs that make Italian style timeless.

Creations by You sold their first craft kit in 1992. Since then, they have developed a complete line of activity kits and programs for kids and young adults that inspire creativity. Their multi-award-winning kits and school programs include the materials needed to assist young people in making creations that can be sent in for professional production, resulting in treasured keepsakes. The effort put into these kits is rewarded when the finished product is received, and also serves to build self-esteem, an appreciation of the arts and memories to last a lifetime.

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little babies are made of. No one understands this better than the folks behind the Teresa Alecrim brand who started the business back in 1981, in Lisbon, Portugal. Portuguese textile design has long been heralded at the top of the class. Delicate stitchery shows off exquisite designs including kids enjoying a jump rope session, a train, ducks, a friendly bear, a rocking bassinet, a little duck and a galaxy of stars to watch over baby. One design in pink and green proclaims “Bebe”, Spanish for — you guessed it — baby.