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The Treehouse Showroom at the California Market Center offers retailers fresh, new exciting lines to make the most of every fashion season. Owner Elisa Lysiak say, “We pride ourselves in finding the best products in the marketplace for retailers to offer their customers. Our corner location Suite A-642 is known for its visual style and attention-grabbing window displays. We are in the heart of the Los Angeles fashion district and participate in eight Fashion Week events per year.”

Contact: The Treehouse Showroom / (213) 688-8377

The Treehouse Showroom proudly presents** Baby’s Language**, the charming collection of clothing sets for multiples. Great prices and fun selection. Perfect for Gift Shops, Specialty Boutiques, Maternity Stores, and Major Retailers. Twins Sets come gift boxed in sets of two. Call or email The Treehouse Showroom.

Contact: The Treehouse Showroom / (213) 688-8377

Brand new! Satsuma Designs is excited to announce their organic, plush gift sets - Num Num and Top to Tootsies. These gift boxed sets feature organic bamboo velour bibs and burp cloths, appropriately named Bambibs and Bamburps!

Absorbent and naturall antibacterial bamboo is paired with soft bamboo terry cloth - Bamburp and the Bambibs feature bamboo velour and soft and absorbent organic cotton with extra long satin ribbon ties.

Sets range from $11-$22 to the trade. Small 10 unit minimum order for the ENTIRE COLLECTION - MIX and MATCH!

Contact: Jennifer Porter / (206) 604-6465

The religious ceremonies of an infant christening, baptism, blessing, bris, or naming ceremony are traditional rites of spiritual initiation for baby, and shared celebrations for families. Baby’s white gown symbolizes purity, joy and new life, and is often treasured and saved as a family heirloom. In 1984, Little Thing Mean a Lot founder, Cindy Pack, recognized the importance of providing a touch of grace and beauty in the apparel that is an important part of a baby’s special religious occasions.

The Treehouse Showroom visits “Ducks & Daisies” Balboa Island, Newport Beach, California. This posh little boutique is a staple on the Island and is known for the bright colored fun look of their yellow and white stripped awning. Ducks and Daisies attracts tourist and locals alike. The Treehouse Showroom often visits the Island, to show store owner Gina new lines for her boutique.

Satsuma Designs fans are showering babies from coast to coast with the company’s spring and summer weight organic bamboo baby products. From the best selling double ply organic bamboo jersey swaddling blanket to the perfect-fit infant cap each item in the organic bamboo jersey line is ultra soft, breathable, and always eco-chic.

A set of ‘Welcome Baby’ gifts can be found in the collection of Satsuma Bento Gift Box Sets found at

Visit Satsuma Designs to learn more and treat new moms to all natural gifts and gear for baby. Always made in the USA.

Contact: Jennifer Porter / (206) 604-6465

Did I mention I don’t really miss the end of my pinkie that my Dad nicked off while clipping my nails as an infant? Oh, no, I didn’t? That’s because I DO MISS IT!

Satsuma Designs has an organic and affordable solution to the anger, guilt (Dad?) and anxiety that clipping baby’s nails can evoke. Check out our brand spanking (no necessary) new Organic Bamboo Baby Scratch Mittens ($8/pair). These little gems fashioned with an adorable gros grain ribbon tab for easy on/off will keep baby’s gnarly nails from inflicting permanent damage on that soft, fragile little skin.

When Carol Yenne’s grandson was born prematurely, weighing only 2 lbs 11 oz, this San Francisco granny realized it was time to make hard-to-find preemie outfits readily available for other families. At her store, Small Frys, she now offers a variety of sweet clothing collections, designed for babies weighing 2 pounds and up. The preemie collections are from Coccoli, Kissy Kissy Preemie, Petite Bateau and Le Top. At Small Frys, they know that when babies come early, having comforting little outfits can make a big difference.

Premature infants benefit from an extra special dose of tender love and care, as well as some unique products to help with their special needs. In honor of Prematurity Awareness Month, and the The March of Dimes’ efforts, The Giggle Guide® recognizes the following companies who offer products designed to help small infants, with special attention to the needs of preemies: Mommy’s Little Helpers, Comfort Silkie,Itzy Ritzy, TummyTubs and AvaBaby’s.

During the challenges and heartaches of having a premature infant, many parents discover hope, inspiration and the power of TLC. Katie Danziger and Amber Lancaster are two such parents. Both are mothers of preemies, and both are dedicated to offering support, and useful products, for other parents of preemies. In honor of their achievements and National Prematurity Awareness Month, The Giggle Guide® showcases their respective companies, Nomie Baby and Born 4 Couture.

Parents of premature infants face a tough challenge in finding clothes small enough to fit their tiny newborns, and many even resort to buying doll clothes for their early arrivals. Unfortunately, a preemie’s skin is not fully developed and often doll clothing is too rough, causing skin irritation. Luckily, retailers now have the option of offering beautiful, soft, high-quality apparel that is sized properly for these precious infants. Kudos to these manufacturers who understand, and help satisfy, the needs of preemies including Early Birds, Anna’s Preemie, Preemie-Yums and Chuckleberries.

How can such a little body -I’m talking 30″ long - burp up so much…stuff? It’s a mystery for many, but thanks to the award-winning Clean Burper burp cloth, it’s no longer a problem. This over-sized and extra absorbent burp cloth was designed with baby’s comfort and mom’s clothes in mind.