All “Treat” and Zero “Trick” With These Halloween Essentials

Surprise Balls

When children discover there’s a day set aside to dress up like Shrek or a Disney Princess out in public and collect gallons of candy from strangers, it’s hardly a surprise that glorious day becomes every little monster’s favorite! Halloween often requires retailers to stock their shelves a bit more creatively than other celebrations, and The Giggle Guide® has found just the right mix from La Vie New York, International Playthings LLC, Surprise Balls, and Paper Magic Group to guarantee every trick-or-treater has a safe and spook-tacular time!

Here’s Looking at You, La Vie New York

La Vie New York - Safety Reflectors
On such a bustling night of the year, it’s far too easy to lose sight of young Batman and Robin, particularly if the vast majority of the neighborhood costume cluster is dressed in dark colors. But this year, La Vie New York, a byproduct of Japan’s Vie International Group based in Soho, NYC, has the solution.

Available in a variety of colors and styles (including poodle, rocket, and skull), La Vie New York’s Safety Reflectors are an absolute must! The reflectors give parents a unique color and shape to search for if their child wanders off, and also guarantees the child is visible to traffic — foot, bike, and vehicle alike.

Each reflector is reasonably retailed at $5.80 and is approximately 6 inches by 2 ½ inches, attaching best to bags and backpacks, but easily on coats and costumes too.

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There is a Light That Never Goes Out

International Playthings - Ecotronic Flashlights
Coats, hats, flashlights, and chaperons — all things children don’t necessarily like to have with them on Halloween! This year, with International Playthings LLC’s newest product, Ecotronics Farm Flashlights, little trick-or-treaters are bound, at the very least, to change their mind about the flashlights.

International Playthings LLC was founded in 1967 and has been creating inventive delightful children’s products for forty years The Ecotronics Farm Flashlight comes in one of four animal designs, and each adorable Pig, Cow, Duck, and Puppy nose lights up when the flashlight is squeezed. No batteries required! Instead, there is a side lever stored inside the body of the flashlight, and it releases and contracts to charge up the light.

Ecotronics Farm Flashlights are a perfect way for a trick-or-treater to light their way throughout the neighborhood without making it feel like a chore.

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What a Surprise!

Inside a Surprise Ball
The Giggle Guide® has found the perfect party favor for this year’s Halloween: Surprise Balls, from Whitney’s Wardrobe!

Surprise Balls are a bit like a piñata, except the balls don’t burst; they unravel and are filled with non-edible toys and fun goodies. Surprise Balls are wrapped in 75 feet of multi-colored paper streamers. As the balls unwrap, ten prizes themed to match the toy they’re hidden in —such as stickers, whistles, puzzles, and rings— pop out one at a time.

Created 35 years ago by Arin Pollett and her family, this engaging toy has developed from a simple, classic design into a product with many, many faces.

Amidst those faces are Dracula, Frank (Frankenstein), Jack O’ Lantern, and I Want My Mummy (Zombie.) These spooky Halloween balls are filled with monster teeth, bat rings, spiders, ghost whistles, and mini kaleidoscopes. Halloween won’t be complete without them!

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Meet the Halloween Professionals

Paper Magic Group
Paper Magic Group, a branch of CSS Industries, is the master of the Halloween market, and has absolutely everything the season requires. Their Halloween™ line has over two hundred designs of accessories and costumes for all ages and sizes. In addition to costumes, PGM offers heaps of unique accessories, hats, wigs, decorations, and treat bags.

Looking for make-up and masks? Hypo-allergenic and easy to apply and remove, PGM’s makeup kits cater to princesses and zombies alike. As for their masks, these are expertly made by the world renowned Don Post Studios, and range from utterly terrifying to hilariously bizarre. If that isn’t enough, certain masks come with LED lights, theatrical instruments, and further special effects.

For a more lighthearted celebration, PGM offers additional family-friendly products, like pumpkin carving kits and Scooby-Doo and Winnie the Pooh decorations.

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