Let the Dogs and Other Animals Out this Winter!

Two Flowers One Bear

As the weather turns cold and little ones bundle up, kids are warming up to wearing fun faux fur and animal-inspired look-alikes that are cozy, practical and politically correct. The Giggle Guide® has hunted through the fashion kingdom to track down chilly-weather collections that feature durable and warm pieces that get kids’ imaginations roaring, including Two Flowers One Bear, Kyber Outerwear, and Bearington Bear. Take a look at the wintery wild side for kids this season, with inspired themes that coat children as baby elephants, leopards, bears, seals, dogs, cats and more! Let the fun fur fly!

Critteriffic Coats from Two Flowers One Bear

Two Flowers One Bear
There is nothing cuter than kids playing make-believe, and Two Flowers One Bear is a line of children’s clothing inspired by three little ones’ imaginary play. Daisy and Violet (The Two Flowers), and Baron (The Bear) love pretending, and most of they love to portray animals!

The brand’s outerwear essentials are durable, practical, and ready for playing! The imaginative line uses double plush, machine-washable fabrics that are fuzzy wuzzy warm. The adorable furry hats come complete with cute animal ears. Children can run around as a pink or brown dog with floppy ears or a giraffe with horns and ears. Faux fur fabrics create the funky giraffe and snow leopard designs. Solid brown, pink and white plush are used for the bear, dog and bunny designs. The critter collection also sports animal-print plush booties, and complete animal coats with hoods available with floppy bunny or dog ears, or shorter bear and cat ears.

Go wild with all the creatures featured at www.TwoFlowersOneBear.com

Kyber Creates Winter Accessories with Animal Magnetism

Kyber Outerwear
Kyber Outerwear offers a line of original wool, recycled silk, hemp, and cotton pieces. Products are imported from Nepal through Kyber Outerwear’s strict policy following Fair Trade guidelines. Kyber is strongly committed to its employees and factories in Nepal, and strives to provide continually better benefits.

Kids go ape for The Funky Zoo Collection! This fiercely fashionable line features coordinating hats and scarves with attached glove-like inserts. The fuzzy materials and fun designs keep kids warm and happy in even the snowiest areas. Hats are large plush creations, complete with the faces and ears of many loveable snow creatures. Pink rabbits are adorable with large floppy ears, marble eyes, and whiskers. The white polar bear is cuddly with a stub nose, ears, and black paw prints on the hand inserts. The most endearing design of all may be the white baby seal with plush, white fur and a snub grey snout!

For winter accessories with animal magnetism that attracts kids, visit www.kyberouterwear.com

Wearable Hugs from Bearington Baby Collection

Bearington Bear
The Bearington Baby Collection is made for tons of hugs! Run by the Stray family for 13 years, the Bearington brand is a staple in the plush animal industry. Now babies can join in the fun and be dressed to look just like loveable plushy animals!

As an industry leader in the plush market, Bearington is the perfect company to design wearable plush designs for babies. The Baby Animal Series features apparel in the most popular plushies, so babies can be completely outfitted as their favorite stuffed pals. The series includes plush animals, blankets, and other accessories, each with a full-length animal coat available in 6-12 months or 12-24 months sizes.

The Bunny Series features a sweet, pastel pink Cottontail Coat with large floppy ears and ribbon bow tie. The Elephant Series includes a playful, baby blue Little Peanut Coat; babies are unforgettable when they wear the trunk and oversized ears! Other adorable themes include Lamb, Puppy, Pretty Kitty, Giraffe Couture and Luxe Leopard. There is even a cute ‘Lil Reindeer Coat, just in time for the holidays!

For bear hugs and a lot more, you’ll love www.BearingtonCollection.com

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