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AmericasMart® Atlanta presents thousands of gift lines on display at The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® January 12-19, 2011. Show organizers search the country for exciting product lines to debut from a variety of categories, with a focus on offering retailers innovative products that will keep their stores ahead of the trends. This season, products range from well-known characters with a twist, such as the limited edition Hello Kitty collection, to classic gifts with new appeal like hand-painted wooden yo-yos, and hand-made slippers that look like they should be on display in an art gallery!

Goody Goody Shoes are Too Too Cute

Goody Goody
Artist and mother Laura Holmes started Goody Goody 16 years ago when she began hand-making shoes for her baby. As interest in the shoes grew, the line expanded to include children’s shoes and eventually adult shoes and loungewear.

The leather, wrap-style shoes are soft and durable for delicate infant feet. Goody Goody offers a wide selection of fun designs with bright colors and charming appliquéd details. The hot pink Shasta design features a funky, pop-out yellow daisy with orange center and looped petals. The final touch is black and white polka dot tabs for pulling the mock boots on.

Another original design is the Veggies shoe that depicts a tiny vegetable garden. A dark blue sky is set along the brown earth. Light green leaves stick up from the ground with tiny rutabaga, carrot, and beets growing beneath. A perfect gift for the garden lover!

Child size slippers are works of art in either ballet slipper style or slip-on. Designs are flower and nature-inspired with deep earth tones and signature pop-out designs.

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Recent Toys International Puts Smiles on Family Faces

Recent Toys International
Recent Toys International makes a brilliant line of brainteasers for kids. These games engage children of all ages and offer families a way to spend fun, quality time together building brainpower!

The Mirrorkal Prince and Monster game for ages 3 and up lets kids manipulate items to make funny faces and to use new words and expressions. 8 individual cards placed on a mirror depict the handsome prince face. Each card can be turned over to reveal a monster feature. The crown is replaced with a Frankenstein-studded head and attractive eyes are replaced with bulging, oozing monster eyes.

The Princess and Witch version turns the beautiful princess into a cackling witch with broken teeth and a crimped witch’s hat. The Web site even allows parents to make their own Mirrorkal game, selecting two pictures of their own. Puzzles can include a cat that turns into a dog or a brother who morphs into his sister. The fun is endless with this engaging and creative game that is simple enough for all family members to enjoy!

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Say “Good Buy” to Hello Kitty

Hello Kiity from Nakajima USA
Nakajima USA is a subsidiary of Nakajima Japan, a family-owned company founded in 1919. Nakajima is best known for its popular Hello Kitty line. Specializing in plush items, collectibles, and seasonal toys, Nakajima is a one-stop shop for licensed and well-known characters.

The core line of Hello Kitty products includes fuzzy, plush-tipped pencils, Hello Kitty shaped purses, hooded robes, and even baby blankets. The limited line of Hello Kitty products offers unique products such as the Animal Hello Kitty that incorporates leopard print and zebra stripes into designs. The limited edition Hello Kitty Plie line illustrates the loved character as a ballerina. The Hello Kitty Seasonal line is also a great gifting idea, with Hello Kitty plushies dressed in Halloween costumes or as the Easter Bunny.

Limited edition lines include; Sakura with Hello Kitty in traditional Japanese dress, Brown collection for a more grown-up look with khaki and brown leather appliqués, and Slumber Party with all things sleeping bags and pillows.

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Natural Life Makes Yo-Yos and Jump Ropes Retro Raves!

Natural Life
Artist Patti Hughes started Natural Life Gifts after she realized how much her own hand-made gifts were appreciated by family and friends. With a passion for creating truly treasured gifts, the company was born. Natural Life offers works from multiple, talented artists who employ a naturalistic approach with earth tones, beading, and nature-inspired themes.

The kids’ line of gifts includes a great range of unique items including; wooden yo-yos, pacifier clips and plateware. Handmade yo-yos are expertly painted with gorgeous designs like a brilliant purple and yellow abstract flower or a modern art blue bird perched on a twig. Jump ropes are original and new again too with a natural braid rope and colorful fabric handles. Colorful one-pieces with matching booties, wooden puzzles, and hand-painted baby piggy banks all put a modern, artistic twist on classic items that make them truly original, heartfelt gifts.

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