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AmericasMart® Atlanta is a convergence of people and product

Founded in 1957 by world-renowned architect and developer, John C. Portman, AmericasMart® is the largest wholesale marketplace of its kind. Our sprawling 6.2 million square foot, three building campus annually draws more than 235,000 attendees from around the globe to 25+ annual markets. Retailers attending our markets identify AmericasMart as the gift/home furnishings/area rug wholesale marketplace most important to their business. AmericasMart also houses extensive collections of apparel product in the men’s, women’s, children’s and special occasion/formal/bridal categories—each on pace to make AmericasMart the next great fashion capital.

Quality Philosophy

AMC Mission: AMC creates the World’s markets of necessity by providing everyone touched by our business with superior service and value achieved through passionate innovation and continuous improvement.

AMC Vision: To be the World’s best marketing services company by valuing employees and customers above everything else and better than anyone else.

AMC Core Values: Caring. Committed. Honest. Innovative. Professional. Respectful.

AMC Service Standards: We are AMC. We are the company’s most important resource. We commit ourselves to serve each customer with genuine care and with respect for his or her decision to do business with us. We also commit ourselves to treat each other with respect and with appreciation for the individual and collective contributions that make AMC strong. By adopting these standards, we commit ourselves to know them, to own them, and to use them so that in serving our customers and coworkers, we will always:

  1. Anticipate and prevent problems before they occur and complaints before they are voiced.
  2. Respond promptly and politely to telephone calls and correspondence within twenty-four hours.
  3. Respond positively to customer and coworker requests; avoid negative words and work to find a satisfactory solution.
  4. Maintain a professional appearance.
  5. Represent our company positively; always communicate concerns in privacy, knowing that our words and actions determine how we are viewed.
  6. Remember that the cleanliness of our facilities is the responsibility of each of us.
  7. Practice empathy in all situations.
  8. Foster teamwork by presenting solutions rather than voicing problems.
  9. Make service seamless; everyone is best served with the fewest possible handoffs.
  10. Listen carefully to a problem or concern before reaching a conclusion or offering a comment.
  11. Engage customers and coworkers politely; maintain eye contact and use names when possible.
  12. Smile-we’re on stage!

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

In March of 2001, Jeff Portman, President of AMC, Inc., introduced the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award framework to our company. Since that time, the staff of AMC has been using the Baldrige Award performance excellence criteria to continuously improve in order to help keep AmericasMart® Atlanta the strongest, most competitive, most successful business in our industry.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria are designed to help organizations use an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in:

  • delivery of ever-improving value to customers, contributing to marketplace success
  • improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities
  • organizational and personal learning

Learn more about the Malcolm Baldrige Award and Criteria by visiting their web site at If you have specific questions about the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award or Criteria for Performance Excellence, please contact us at .

Apparel Mart • 250 Spring Street • Atlanta, Georgia 30303
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Latest Buzz

The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® - Atlanta, Georgia (1/6/15 - 1/13/15)

New York isn’t the only place for amazing trade shows. At this time of year, it makes sense to head south! The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market is an impressive forum for new and established businesses of all kinds to introduce their products and court new customers. This year’s show brought out hundreds of vendors and thousands of guests, setting new records for sales volume. In such a large venue that features businesses from so many industries, it takes a lot for a children’s product vendor to stand out. Indy Plush, Zoocchini, Paper Punk and Just Born all made their mark on the Atlanta scene this year.

The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market® - Atlanta, Georgia (1/7/14 - 1/13/14)

“The response was amazing!” And that about sums it up for the The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market. Companies that exhibited at the January 2014 market were unanimous in declaring that it was a hit. With more than seven million square feet of space for exhibitors, AmericasMart Atlanta can afford bragging rights. Its new app launched to rave reviews, scoring in the top ten business apps, according to iTunes. In January alone, new buyer rates went up double digits, indicating an increasing wave of interest. Companies that made their mark at the event include Livie & Cole, Fizoos, Night Buddies and FoneFace.


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