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Buyers looking to tap into what’s new in the baby and children’s markets will find top products in one location at the AmericasMart July 10-17 event in Atlanta, including AmericasMart’s Children’s World and the Modern Baby & Contemporary Kid Juried Collection. BooginHead serves up useful products with modern flair, while HSP Nature Toys’ award-winning laboratory for kids teaches them how to plant and grow vegetables. Posh Play presents functional and beautiful products for the modern mom, and U.S. Toy Company turns an ordinary party into an event to remember. Visit today for details.

BooginHead is a Pacifist: Keeps the Piece!

It’s a peaceful day at the park when Junior drops his sippy cup or pacifier in the sand. Mom looks all around, but there’s no spare to be had. And no glares will be spared if she dusts it off and re-corks the kid. Say goodbye to the five-second-rule with BooginHead. Designed to keep the necessities accessible, BooginHead offers 6 products: SippiGrip, PaciGrip, SplatMat, PaciPouch, Squeez’Ems, and Create Your Own Pacifier.

It all started with the SippiGrip, which is a simple tether that prevents a child’s cup, bottle or even a toy from falling. SippiGrips are adjustable and easily attach to high chairs, strollers, carseats and more. A perfect pair, PaciGrip is the same idea, only smaller. Whether they call it a nuk, mute button, or just plain pacifier, no parent wants to be left without the option to plug their peanut. PaciGrips are compatible with all types of soothers and have a strong clasp that won’t pull off, but doesn’t leave a mark on clothes. You can match patterns to the SippiGrip for a coordinated look, but you may want to encourage mixing and matching when you see all the options.

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HSP Helps Kids Explore Natural Wonders

HSP Nature Toys
While HSP Nature Toys isn’t new to the toy industry, this 20-year-old educational company is new to Atlanta AmericasMart. Their two featured products are the Root-Vue Farm and Worm-Vue Wonders. HSP’s award-winning educational kit, the Root-Vue Farm, is a fascinating garden laboratory that allows kids to watch carrots, radishes and onions grow underground. The farm has received the Parent’s Choice Gold Seal, and Dr. Toy gave it a “socially responsible” toy award.

Your parents warned you not to argue with your teacher, so along those lines, stock up on Worm-Vue Wonders, a product with a strong teacher following. Live red-wiggler worms are raised in Vermont and shipped year-round via priority mail. This a great way to teach kids about nature’s recyclers as they watch worms turn waste into soil and dig tunnels to create drainage for plants.

These kits are ideal for harried parents trying to occupy rainy summer days, but also consider spreading your roots to the fall for teachers and homeschoolers. For this show, HSP will be releasing a new Root-Vue “Classic” Wooden Underground Garden, designed in Vermont and handcrafted in the USA.

Get back to nature at their booth in building 3 or at

Posh Play Is a Mom’s Inspiration

Posh Play
The children’s market is starting to get the hang of this modern mom thing. And one thing modern moms do is talk. Whether it’s on social media, on the playground or in the living room, moms compare notes on what’s missing in their world. When Kelly Teague Smith showed her friend Emily Jones McCoy a play mat she had created herself, the new mom became her first customer and business partner.

Kelly was looking for something with the functionality of a splat mat that was as portable as a blanket and durable as a rug. Oh, and it had to look cute, too. Finding nothing out in the world, she created one in hers. Posh Play was born and is growing with products that are functional, portable, wipeable and beautiful.

Parents will adore the Posh Play Play Mat, an eco-friendly reversible mat made of faux leather that can be used indoors or out. At AmericasMart, Posh Play will feature new color collections: orange, grapefruit pink, turquoise, and eggplant.

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U.S. Toy Gets Parties Started

U.S. Toy Company
It used to be that the first birthday party was the big hurrah, but as parents struggle to keep up with the Joneses, parties are becoming blowout affairs. Make sure you’re in on the planning on the ground floor with U.S. Toy Company. They sell an array of carnival/party and seasonal decorations, novelty toys, stuffed animals, stationery and many more items that have been developed exclusively. The novel part is, their prices are affordable. Some items start as little as a penny apiece!

The website’s theme option helps make store displays a breeze. Insects and movie nights would make ideal summer themes, and everyone loves a luau. Necklaces, favors and decorations are just the start. Parents will love taking a theme to the next level like offering construction hats at a Bob the Builder party, or inflatable rock guitars to celebrate whatever new tween sensation is topping the charts these days. Take a simple princess party to the next level with crown sunglasses and even a princess calculator.

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