Atlanta's Gift Market Was Like a New Year's Present for Retailing

logo loops

By all accounts, the Atlanta International Gift Market at AmericasMart that took place January 10th through the 18th was a great way to start the new year. The show reported record-breaking buyer traffic with soaring registrations, non-stop order writing, and exclusive product introductions — a real thrill for all involved. By the end of the show, double-digit growth reflected surging southeastern traffic gains and large increases in a national buyer population who represented top specialty-store retailers, plus a large and growing international buyer contingent.

“This Market will go on record as defining the renewal and recovery of global retailing as buyers and sellers voted with their feet and their order writing, in an event destined to help restore hope and promise to retailers and manufacturers everywhere,” said Jeffrey L. Portman, Sr., the Market’s president and chief operating officer.

A number of new companies and products debuted in Atlanta, including logo loops, Bitsy, The San Francisco Music Box Co. and Pierre Belvédère Inc.

logo loops Make Headlines!

logo loops
Tweens are always on the lookout for new ways to show their stuff, which is behind the popularity of logo loops. Each of the embroidered cotton/lycra stretch headbands works as a fashion statement, a sports accessory or a team/school/camp spirit-building item. When a young girl starts her day by popping on one of these bright headbands, she’s got it made!

Neon colors in lime, pink and robin were a big hit in Atlanta, as were new tie-die colors in red, blue and purple with that genuine tie-died look. Soccer is huge among the tween set and logo loops debuted several new looks for girls who kick it, including headbands reading “I Save,” “Goal” and “Love Soccer,” with a soccer ball as the ‘o.’ “I Spike” gives new meaning to lovers of volleyball and Atlanta also unveiled new basketball designs including “Got Game” with the ‘o’ interpreted as a basketball.

Young musicians are also in the logo loops mix with a new design reading “I Play Piano.” For skaters, there is a design proclaiming “Roll with It”, as well as “Girls Rock”, a look that proclaims girls’ anthem of self esteem.

There are so many headbands to choose from, there’s one that will speak directly to every seven to thirteen-year-old and those who shop for her. “Birthday Girl” is for that special day, with an embroidered, “good enough to eat” cake, while loops with initials can be had with polka dots, flowers, borders and more in eye-catching colors. The special beauty of these lovely loops is that all of them are made of 90 percent Lycra stretch with 10% cotton that means they are machine washable and can be tumble dried. These headbands maintain their ‘memory’ so they always fit and are non-slip.

Heads you win when you stock logo loops, a hot item for the trendy tween set at

Bitsy Combines the Love of Blankies and Wearable Sleep Bags

What’s a mom to do when she wants a comfy way for the baby to sleep, but finds that traditional blankets are cumbersome? Now she can turn to Bitsy™ Bag, a cross between the basic blanket and a wearable sleeper that is secured around the baby’s torso so even when baby is kicking, rolling and sitting up, little one is still wrapped snugly and securely.

The Bitsy Bag is the creation of Mandi, a mother who cherishes functionality over all. To use the bag before night or nap time, simply pull it over the baby’s pajamas and secure it around the chest area right below the underarms. Thanks to the design, there should be plenty of room at the bottom for baby’s feet to move around and arms will also be free to move.

Younger babies who are not yet mobile can wear Bitsy™ Bag when lounging throughout the day, taking advantage of the warming comfort and ease of the design for frequent diaper changing. The Bitsy Bag is even good to go when venturing out with the stroller and always stays in place with gentle non-roll elastic that hugs but doesn’t constrict.

Select from color patterns that range from bright to calming like the silky Coco/Blue Giraffe print that reveres to a soft baby blue minky dot lining. Another winner and new favorite is the Night Owl pattern with a mango, red, and lime green color combo reversing to a mango minky lining. Atlanta saw the first Bitsy Bags in 100% cotton knit in baby pink, baby blue and ivory that is perfect for monogramming as are any of the bags.

A baby girl would look her very best in the Pink/Red Merry Hearts silky print with a rose pink minky dot lining on the reverse. Another look for girly-girls is the Night Owl pattern that features a dark watermelon, coral, and turquoise color combination, set off with a coral minky lining.

This super sleeper and all around wearable can be found at

Tradition Meets Hip at The San Francisco Music Box Co.

The San Francisco Music Box Co.
Chime right in by offering boxes from The San Francisco Music Box Company that play well-known standards while showing off looks that are totally today. The Star is Born Music Box in pink or blue plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” as do several renditions of a stork-and-baby box.

For tweens and teens, there are music boxes with original artist recordings of such favorites as “Walkin’ on Sunshine”’ complete with hula monkey or an adorable octopus with polka-dot tentacles; as well as Treasure Boxes with a femme theme that warns “hands off” or a masculine, straight-edged box with cars and trucks.

Jing-a-Ling Musical Banks are also available in pig, monkey, frog, car and other kid-pleasing shapes while Fashion Music Boxes display the charms of Paris, butterflies, flowers and a hummingbird hovering over an orchid.

For shoppers beguiled by musical figurines, San Francisco Music Co. offers every look from teddy bears to petite chefs to a magician who waves her wand as wonders appear. “The Wonderful World of Oz” gets a nod with a King of the Forrest look featuring Dorothy, the Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion in the exact colors associated with them, while the same group also rides proudly in a carriage drawn by a “Horse of a Different Color,” in this case, bright pink, that plays a sound clip from the famous movie.

Classic scenes from “Gone with the Wind” and “Phantom of the Opera” are represented by picture frames and tuneful boxes that capture the looks of these all-time favorites. Patriots will thrill to the American Eagle figure atop a proud US flag offered both in a music box version or as a water globe.

Tune in to what’s happening after 30 years of making beautiful music at

Pierre Belvédère Distributes Top Toys for All Ages

Pierre Belvédère Inc.
Pierre Belvédère Inc., a leader in the Canadian toy industry, offers a wide range of educational toys and games and carefully edits merchandise so that no violent or sexist toys are offered. This company distributes over 2,000 products for kids of all ages, including stimulating toys for newborns and toddlers, board games, educational toys and crafts to engage children’s curiosity, as well as a wide range of puzzles and brain teasers to challenge minds, young and old.

Little ones aged two and a bit up will enjoy the nesting cubes, sold as a set of six sturdy wooden cubes in a variety of colors that can be both stacked or nested. Each surface features a different theme: animals, numbers, vehicles and fruits. Young ones will also delight in lacing up the clothing on the Wooden Lacing Kitten that comes with sixteen pieces of clothing contained in a wooden storage box.

For older kids, there are 3D building-structure kits, including the Eiffel Tower and New York City’s Empire State Building that uses curved, hinged and flat puzzle pieces to ensure sturdy construction but don’t need a single drop of glue. For ages eight and up, stock the Bio-Clock, an assembly project to make a clock that runs on the acid found in ordinary table fruit.

Kids who have their heads in the stars can create a personal Solar System that includes the components to create a glow-in-the-dark planetary model that comes with a booklet of fascinating solar facts. Kids who love to role play, (especially those who have read about far away places), will get a boost from 3D North Pole, comprising a double-sided board that can be used to store the play pieces on one side and as an illustrated play board on the other, all made of painted wood with realistic details.

Older kids and their families will be delighted that now, after twenty years, there is a sequel to the much-loved Scotland Yard board game in the form of Mr. X. with a visor and tracker for the “Wanna be like Sherlock Holmes” set. For another fun board game that subtly makes a valuable point, consider offering What’s Rubbish, a game about recycling that involves putting the right items in the trash and steering clear of the litterbugs.

The Pierre Belvédère high corporate values influence their offerings to be sure that only the highest quality, safe products with exceptional play value come your way.

For a super selection of superior toys:

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