A Shout Out to the Winning Team of Pageants and Pom-Poms!

Motionwear - Cheer Kids

Cheerleading and pageant competitions are about one thing: standing out. Competitors can’t buy talent or athleticism, but they can buy eye-catching apparel to draw the judges’ attention. In addition to featuring flexible fabrics for active movement, costumes for these competitions should be age-appropriate and reflect individual style. For child pageants, Spoiled Little Mama and Butterfly Kisses are go-to experts for customized looks. Want to become the dealer of choice for your local school’s cheer and drill uniforms? Consider Motionwear for winning styles, along with briefs, tops, and accessories from JB Bloomers.

Spoiled Little Mama Caters to Pageantry

Spoiled Little Mama
Burgeoning Miss Americas love the Spoiled Little Mama selection of colorful pageant wear with simple lines and gorgeous patterns. Vibrant butterflies are thematic in the costumes and accompanying accessories. Stage moms enjoy putting their pretty princesses’ toiletries in the bow-covered storage bags specifically designed to complement the multihued garments.

From fuchsia and zebra prints to blue rabbit faux fur, Spoiled Little Mama offers a bag for every style. The totes feature crystal buckles and have four pockets inside, two pockets outside and a middle divider for all the pageant essentials. Some even come with changing pads for the youngest contestants still in diapers.

Spoiled Little Mama’s one-of-a-kind offerings are made for movement and feature bright colors with fabrics that allow for every talent from gymnastics to baton twirling. Tap into this specialty market, with runway favorites at www.spoiledlittlemama.com

Butterfly Kisses Embraces Special Occasions

Butterfly Kisses
What’s the newest thing in pageants? What colors will help get the winning votes? Butterfly Kisses, an online boutique that sells several brands, has pageant specialists who answer these questions and more, providing feedback and consultation on the latest trends and desires of the pageant crowd that influence dress selection. These experts have put together a Web store that specializes in pagent wear, wedding attire and special occasion dresses for toddlers though juniors.

Butterfly Kisses offers a demure look for the young beauty pageant contestants. Tulle, organza, and taffeta make the gowns flouncy enough to capture the crown, but still light enough for a young girl’s movement. Beyond the lime greens and light blues, Butterfly Kisses also offers perfectly coordinated bolero shrugs to offset sweetheart and halter tops, handbags, and gloves to complete the lady-like look. Butterfly Kisses offers an extensive variety of finishing touches to complement their vivid colors, including beaded straps, ballroom skirts, shirred waists and beaded bodices.

With an emphasis on customer service, Butterfly Kisses, which also sells boyswear, offers swatches and sizing charts at www.circuscitykids.com

Dress for Pep with Motionwear Cheer

Motionwear - Cheer Kids
To quote the quintessential cheerleading movie Bring it On: “they give extra points for alacrity and effulgence”. We’re not sure about that, or even what it means, but we are sure that if you need to stock anything to outfit a cheerleader, it’s at Motionwear Cheer and its Cheer Kids line for cheerleaders, gymnasts and dancers. Their motto is: “We make the best so you can be your best.”

Cheer Kids offers multiple styles of uniforms and a complete style guide for perfect sizing, including sizes 18 months to size 20, and up to size 30 if needed. Going beyond just uniform basics, Cheer Kids includes warmups, jackets and accessories such as hair and shoe poms, socks, and briefs. Competitors always look to coordinate their accessories, but also enhance them; so custom colors, braid, and embellishments (twill or rhinestones) are available.

Consider too an up-sell option of camp wear, including sweats and tanks to coordinate casual looks with the required performance uniform. Want to cash in on the pageant scene? The Performance Wear section offers embroidery or rhinestones to dress up classic performance wear.

To team with this specialty supplier, rally ‘round www.cheerkids.com

Give Me a J! Give me a B! JB Bloomers, Rah!

JB Bloomers
While briefs may not be showpieces of a dance or cheer uniforms, they’re certainly an important undie achiever! JB Bloomers offers affordable options for briefs in two styles: the classic-cut regular cheer brief and boy-cut briefs in youth sizes small to large, as well as adult sizes small to XXL.

While you have the parents hooked on the basics, note that JB Bloomers also supplies nylon crop tops, bodysuits, leggings and sports bras. In addition to a broad range of solid colors in classic turtleneck and cropped styles, JB Bloomers also designs with metallic/zebra stripe and polka dot prints.

What better way to highlight a high-kick than knee-high socks? JB Bloomers has grown beyond bloomers, briefs and bobby sox to also produce camp shorts, tank shirts, and flannel shorts and pants. JB Bloomers focuses on prompt service and fair pricing, and promises immediate availability during the primary fall season.

Add some cheer to your seasonal specialty sales at www.jbbloomers.com

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