Made in the USA Means Products with a Past, a Present, and a Future!

”Made in the U.S.A.” is a declaration that epitomizes American manufacturing, ingenuity, quality and pride. From diverse backgrounds, including foreign cultures, we weave our heritage into great ideas and goods that fill America with a dynamic tradition that has a rich past and present, as well as a future!

Among the many manufacturers who can claim, “Made in the U.S.A.,” are the four that The Giggle Guide® showcases today: Winter Water Factory garments stem from Brooklyn — not from the renowned tree of literature, but from the pooled textile talents and childhood memories. Yumy clothing melds a variety of little girl fashion tastes from demure to saucy. SpiritHoods Kids caps its products with inspiration from spirit animals. little society stitches a little piece of eco-consciousness into each of its quality garments.

Winter Water Factory Garments Are Just What They “Seam”

Winter Water Factory
Crafted from 100% certified organic cotton in whimsical retro textile designs, Winter Water Factory garments are characterized by “flowerful” plants and beasts that eat ants, planes and cranes and trains, hedgehogs and orange snails, and boats with painted sails.

Made in the U.S.A.,” from silk-screened fabric to seams, children’s apparel from the Brooklyn, NY-based Winter Water Factory boasts signature designs that flow from the creativity of Stefanie Lynen. The name springs from “Winterwasserfabrik,” the childhood entrepreneurial effort of Stefanie and a sibling in Germany where they bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as “winter water.”

Such unusual childhood designs lend distinction to collared shirts and graphic tees, and they’re not just for little boys! But if a little girl’s taste savors frocks dusted in sugar and spice rather than snails (or puppy dog tails), she can choose a sleeveless Double Dutch Dress in Winding Flowers Lavender with gentle pleats hung from a curved yoke and adorned with front patch pockets.

Got your attention? Envision these fanciful motifs and then navigate to to see Stefanie’s renditions, pricing, and wholesale information.

Yummy Dress Designs from Yumy!

Made in the U.S.A. and made to appeal to little girl appetites the world ‘round are Yumy — simple-but-elegant girl’s dresses with shirred necklines, gathered waists, baby-doll sleeves and flounces at the hem. Imagine a very young lady in a demure Gigi dress in visual flavors of muted natural tones of flax and green and old fashioned roses, or relish the appeal of peasant-like designs in flax, red, and green. ($72 MSRP).

The Yumy Penelope square-necked sundresses offer equal charm with wide shoulder straps and a double flounce that winds its way gracefully upward from hem to set-in waist — all rendered in tones of fresh mango and sherbet or paisley on a dark background ($84 MSRP).

When two pieces are in demand, count on Priscilla Duos of teal floral and paisley, mixing on a dark background or dainty mint green and neutral polka dots with flowers. All have matching-yet-contrasting sashes to set off tiny little-girl waists. For a saucier palate, try Sophia — the white short sleeved shirt patched with a rectangle of piquant print coordinates with a sassy skirt that falls smooth from the waist with set-in gathers at the hip.

Retailers, add something for everyone’s taste for your boutique’s menu with zesty styles from

Get the Animal Spirit from SpiritHoods Kids!

SpiritHoods Kids
Put some awesome animal-inspired imagination in their heads while putting a fun and fashionable faux fur chapeau on their heads! Select the appropriate “spirit” animal hood for the child in question and let his or her inclinations run wild as Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, Husky, Snow Leopard, or Lion, among others.

SpiritHoods Kids produces animal-like hats that are reminiscent of Native American animal spirit headdresses. More than headgear for cool-weather warmth, they’re for make-believe too! Each features a hand-washable, realistically colored polyester “pelt” shaped as a two-eared head-covering with pawed scarf extensions that double as hand warmers. The charming faces that peek from the pelt and roar or howl belong to the children who readily imagine themselves as the exciting creatures.

These clever SpiritHoods are made in the U.SA. A few select hood styles are part of the “PRO BLUE” collection, where 10% of net profits is donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to helping that particular endangered animal.

SpiritHoods are available to fit adult heads and inclinations too, in a variety of animal look-alike styles. But, retailers, you’ll find the child-sized collection a purr-fect choice at

What’s Made in L.A. Doesn’t Stay in L.A. –– little society Clothing

little society
Made in Los Angeles and available from west coast to east, little society children’s clothing takes a small step toward big change –– in fashion and in creating a sustainable future for the planet and its inhabitants. little society’s comfy and colorful collection includes eco-conscious products made in the U.S.A., and the company donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations dedicated to protecting species, habitats, and humanity.

Children and parents alike can delight in little society’s fashionable easy-care garments, choosing among neutral to bright colors, single or double layering, and designs that range from regular and zebra stripes, to plain colors enhanced with animal images and more. For boys and girls, these garments are ideal for livin’ in the U.S.A. or traveling worldwide with a wide assortment of rugged and warm shirts, pants, hoodies, and and lounge wear or cool clothes like a girl’s sleeveless flounced purple hoodie for warmer climes.

little society delivers a message in their production and images: “Inspire me today and tomorrow. I will find the answers!” Retailers, be a part of that message and look forward to the future and wholesale information at

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