Gotta Have ‘Em All, Gotta Have ‘Em Now!

The tractor-beam draw of collectibles has been an enduring part of human nature since the first man started collecting brightly colored stones. Just about any item can be considered a collectible, but there is a strong focus on the smaller, easily accessible items that provide instant gratification and long-term pleasure.

While collectibles can be part of an investment strategy, they also provide diligent collectors with a sense of order and achievement. The young collector starts early, saving up every penny to splurge on favorite objects, while the mature collector has a keen understanding of the history of the assortment and is able to research or recognize an item’s value. Collectible brands, like Peaceable Kingdom, Iwako, Stink Factory and Momiji offer aficionados an ever-growing fascination with tiny and colorful treasures.

Goodness to All Who Enter the Peaceable Kingdom!

Peaceable Kingdom
The embracing Peaceable Kingdom has opened its gates to all comers! Since its founding in 1983, the Peaceable Kingdom has expanded its benevolent empire with the decree that it will “make good, do good, and be good.” This proclamation governs every aspect of its business, from its charity work to its commitment to developing educational and sustainable collectibles.

Dynamite and joy can both come in small packages, and the Itsy Bitsy Stickers fit snuggly in this category. Each package comes with two pages of 80 teeny, acid-free stickers that brighten up everything from photo albums to greeting cards. Metal-heads will go ga-ga over the shiny foil stickers! With over 90 designs to choose from, these stickers are available in sheets of race cars, unicorns, and other delightful designs.

Bring collectors some South-of-the-Border fun with the reusable Mi Familia/My Family sticker pack! Over 70 vinyl cling stickers include English and Spanish for hours of decorating, organizing and collecting fun. Other packs include fairies, monster trucks, letters, and shapes. Peaceable Kingdom’s sticker books contain 16 pages of glossy sticker paper just perfect for safeguarding, and display an array of stickers.

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Ride the Wave at Iwako!

Kids of all ages go wacko over Iwako’s trendy collectible stationery products! Iwako, a burgeoning Japanese company that first opened its doors in 1968, is riding high on the Asian wave that is sweeping the globe. From highly-collectible shaped erasers to awe-inspiring stickers, customers seek these treasures to both use and save.

Huggable hamsters, sweet sea dwellers, and charming forest creatures are just some of the hefty, brightly colored erasers Iwako offers in a variety of package sizes. The sturdy multi-hued hedgehogs are sure winners for dedicated collections.

Other must-haves include looks-too-good-to-eat eraser food sets, like the lunch and snack mini-collections. The dessert set is loaded with charming chocolate cones, tiny slices of sweet cake and delightful orbs of colorful sorbet.

The fun keeps rolling with the seemingly endless assortment of stickers. Plus, every product sold conforms to international safety standards.

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The Sweet Smell of Success from the Stink Factory

Dr Stinky's Scratch N Sniff
Don’t let the name fool you –– everything at the Stink Factory is coming up roses! Using encapsulation technology developed by 3M in the 1970s, the Stink Factory developed cool, long-lasting scratch-and-sniff stickers sure to generate the sweet smell of success.

Each delectable sticker pack includes 26 durable and delightful scratch-and-sniff stickers, plus one Limited Edition sticker. The rare Limited Edition stickers included in each pack are really that — only 1 in every 104 stickers produced by the Stink Factory qualify, making them truly unique in the world of collectible stickers.

No one can resist the fabulous flavors created by the intrepid Dr. Stinky and his team of developers. The stink of stickers cover a range of scents, from sweet-smelling apple, banana, and cupcake, to the more savory aromas of the hot dog and popcorn stickers. Limited Edition stickers come in an abundance of aromas, from spicy salsa to burritos.

Stock up on sticker books for these odiferous offerings, too. The original Scratch-and-Sniff Sticker Book houses 17 pages of safe collection pages, along with two storage files, a trading guide, and a Top Secret Limited Edition page.

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Dolly Delights at Momiji!

Momiji creates adorable, hand-painted dolls, complete with a slot for a secret message. These addictive keepsake cuties are sought after as a reminder of all that is good and pure in the world. The original 9-doll Random set is home to sweeties such as Coco, a raven-haired beauty. Also in the collection is the flaxen-haired resin Pixie, along with seven more dolls that include a card for special messages.

Spice up doll-lovers’ birthdays with the entire Celebrations collection, 6 adorable necessities for any party girl. Bring on the fun with the fabulous Itchy Feet collection, a half-dozen 3-inch charmers that bring peace everywhere they go.

Mature collectors know exactly what they want: the rare doll that tugs at the heartstrings. Enter some of the members of the Vintage collection. From Ted, the soft gray animal doll to Cherie, an adorable bright-red pincushion, doll lovers will agree that these dolls are fabulous (and few!). Only five hundred of these hand-crafted treats were made, and each one is identified with a unique number.

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