A Growing Stash of Mustache Products


For eons, men have tried to grow the perfect mustache. What “perfect” has meant has changed decade by decade, but in the end there are always males who couldn’t quite pull it off. It’s gone from cool to odd to kitsch, and you can capitalize on the resurgence. With the rising popularity of Movember, and the accompanying attention the upper lip gets, your store will score big with fake face fuzz. Everyone is in on the emerging trend — even kids and women!

The hippest and happiest youngsters will love the Wry Baby Snapsuit featuring a joke about the mustache’s return to fashion. Your brightest customers will take a shine to the clever disguise SunStaches sunglasses, including vampire and geek sub-trends. Given how fast trends can change, temporary might be the answer. StacheTATS will deliver on the craze without having to go crazy with a razor. Neon Eaters also joins the party with their stache-festooned socks for youngsters.

Wry Baby Shows Why Babies are Funny

Wry Baby
Don’t you hate it when you miss a trend? Make sure your customers’ hipster babies stay with the stache trend with the Wry Baby Snapsuit. In sizes 0-12 months, this one-piece sports the perfectly wry slogan, “Am I Too Late for That Whole Mustache Thing?” In an outrageous orange, the romper also includes a large mustache icon to illustrate the funny quote.

The Snapsuit comes cleverly packaged with a view of the graphics, so you won’t need to break the box open to display this in your store. Ideal for baby shower and newborn gifts, this snapsuit isn’t the only awesome Wry Baby clothing you’ll want to carry. Jump on the bacon bandwagon with a mustard yellow “My Dad Can Eat More Bacon Than Your Dad” Snapsuit.

Wry Baby was started in 2000 by a creative couple, Dave and Kelly Sopp. Other smile seekers include the “Keep Calm and Carry On”, and QR codes.

Tickle the funny bones at www.wrybaby.com

Novelty Sunglasses are Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The future of mustache wear is so bright, you gotta wear shades. SunStaches shades by Novelty Sunglasses, that is. Watch your customers try to resist these takes on the novelty mustache disguise. The SunStache goes beyond the traditional dark black glasses and mysterious facial hair and gets into fun territory with things like the Orange and Black Fu Man Chu SunStaches. Now that it’s chic to go geek, carry the Geek SunStache, which features thick black glasses with the iconic tape around the nosepiece.

It doesn’t look like the vampire trend is twilighting anytime soon, so sink your teeth into the Vampire SunStache with the perfectly thin stache sported by the fangs favorite. Step back into the era of free love with splatter-painted Wrestler Mancho SunStache, accompanied by the grooviest hippy stache.

In addition to being awesome, SunStaches feature UV400 protection so you can stock them year-round. Novelty Sunglasses also include Furry Shades, glasses with animal themes sure to wow kids and adults, and Laugh It Up that features lashes and eyebrows.

Don’t let another Movember go by without visiting www.noveltysunglasses.com

StacheTATS Win by a Nose

For those who can’t grow a mustache, or are wise enough not to try, there’s a temporary solution. StacheTATS deliver fun to the masses with the simple yet ingenious creation of the temporary mustache tattoo. StacheTATS are the original work of Arthur Jaffee and Trace Adams and are suitable for any game, event, holiday, party, or casual daily use. These temp tats are waterproof, sweat proof and smile proof.

StacheTats have many themes, including holiday (St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas and even Pride Day) and Western (including the popular Outlaw). Fireworks won’t be the only attraction in your area on the Fourth of July if you carry the Flag Staches.

Shine a light this summer with the Glow Series — glow-in-the-dark mustaches that offer endless black light display options. For some local flavor, offer your college fans the best way to show they’re rooting for the home team with the team-branded StacheTats. For the most realistic look, try the Premium Temporary Mustache. Display some pictures to prove a casual passerby might mistake the fake for the real deal.

Mustache must-haves at www.stachetats.com

Bright Ideas from Neon Eaters

Neon Eaters
Me-In-Mind, the creator of Neon Eaters, ensures toddlers can get in on the mustache fun with no muss and no fuss. Me-In-Mind creates hip kids’ shoes and socks that are just as fun to look at as they are to wear. Both girls and boys like these stubble socks. The girls’ items feature an aqua and hot pink pattern of mustaches. The same graphics are available for boys in a white and black pattern, with a yellow Neon Eaters logo.

At an affordable $3 a pair, these socks are a soft mix of organic cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex, and are available in toddler shoe sizes 9-13, kid sizes 1-5. Adults can get in the mustache mania too! Neon Eaters offers mustache socks in adult sizes 6-12.

Neon Eaters also capitalizes on the tattoo craze with their slip-on shoes. The durable canvas shoe has a colorful tattoo print that has “MOM” on the right and “DAD” on the left foot. With a flexible rubber outsole, parents can be assured their kids can walk comfortably while kicking it with another popular theme. Neon Eaters plans to carry matching beanies this year.

Revel in the most stylish staches at www.neoneaters.com

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