Mom Inventors Make Mealtimes Naturally Easier


The age-old question every parent hears is, “What’s for dinner?” It seems as soon as baby starts on solids, things get much more complicated and parents find themselves questioning if baby is getting the right mix of fruits, vegetables, grains, essential nutrients and more. This is an area where guidance and great options are such a lifesaver. All these companies were founded by moms interested in nutrition, value and convenience: Sage Spoonfuls, Wean Green, BooginHead and Happy Family help families make mealtimes easier and nutritious.

Sage Spoonfuls is a Wise Choice for Nutrition

Sage Spoonfuls
Sage Spoonfuls was created by Liza Huber, an author, actress, entrepreneur and mother of four. (Liza is also the daughter of actress Susan Lucci.) Liza was inspired with the idea to create Sage Spoonfuls after having her first child. Unable to find homemade baby food products that offered the ease of use, convenience and quality she was looking for, she became a mother of invention. Sage Spoonfuls provides parents with a complete homemade baby food system. It allows them to easily make, serve, store and take their healthy homemade baby food on-the-go.

Liza’s book, Sage Spoonfuls – Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies is full of easy-to-prepare whole foods that are delicious on their own or mixed together. There are even family-friendly recipes the entire family, babies and toddlers included, can enjoy together. Liza likes to keep it simple to keep it easy, as shown in a number of no-cook purees that can be whipped up in seconds!

Beyond the highly-acclaimed book, Sage Spoonfuls offers a complete line of award-winning products to make preparing, storing and serving a snap. The Homemade Lifestyle Package is a grab-and-go homemade baby food system for busy parents. The package is an award-winning 22-piece system that enables parents to make, serve, store and take their homemade baby food on-the-go with ease. This set allows parents to prepare nutritious and delicious baby food in bulk to save both time and money. The Lifestyle Package also includes Sage Spoonfuls’ recipe book, pocket guide, immersion blender and food processor that can be used beyond the baby food stage to make soups, smoothies, hummus and more.

Storage is an easy one-step process with their airtight, leakproof, freezer and dishwasher safe jars. Each kit comes with 48 ounces of baby food storage, a 2 to 4 week supply. No guessing what’s inside with the biodegradable, easy to remove labels. Jars fit perfectly into the stackable storage trays that keep baby food organized and easily accessible. The included freezer pack makes trips away from home easy, along with the insulated all-in-one cooler tote/diaper bag.

The On-The-Go Package is a 21-piece grab-and-go homemade baby food system that includes the recipe book, pocket guide, immersion blender and food processor, twelve 4-oz. storage jars with 60 labels, freezer pack, 2 stackable storage trays and on-the-go cooler.

Sage Spoonfuls is a winner of a 2012 Cribsie Award for Best New Arrival and Winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal. All Sage Spoonfuls products are made in the U.S.A., are BPA free and made with non-toxic materials.

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Wean Green Containers Have More in Store

Wean Green
Wean Green is a Canadian company dedicated to providing parents with safe and environmentally friendly baby products that fit easily into diaper bags and kitchen cupboards. In 2008, Melissa Gunning, the proud mom of two little weaners, combined her passion for healthy living and happy babies to form Wean Green. Melissa’s creativity and enthusiasm radiate through every aspect of the business, and she is proud to be the hard-working mom behind the brand.

Wean Green loves researching environmentally-safe, modern, and unique baby products. Their eco-chic designs make it possible for parents to choose environmentally responsible products, without sacrificing style. Wean Green products are designed to be functional and have many secondary uses beyond babyhood.

Wean Tubs tempered glass containers lets parents free themselves from wasteful plastic food storage bags. These oblong 5.1 oz. containers are perfect for storing baby food and snacks and come in packs of two. Snack Cubes, 7-oz. tempered glass food containers, are great for baby food puree, yogurt or other snacks. These handy cubes are sold in packs of two.

Wean Bowls, 5.6-oz. tempered glass containers, are also sold in two-packs and are ideal for storing baby food and fruit salads. The newly improved 4-oz. tempered glass Wean Cubes are great for first stage baby food and come in sets of four. The 16.5-oz. tempered glass Lunch Cubes are great for big kids and beyond. This size container holds a variety of foods and is handy for packed lunches.

For customers anxious to try them all, the starter set is the perfect choice and contains one of each type of container. Wean Green even sells spare parts of lids and glass bases.

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Founder Sari Crevin decided to name her company BooginHead because it was a term they used in their family to describe someone doing something they shouldn’t. Sari gives an example of her son throwing his sippy cup on the floor over and over and how that would make him such a BooginHead. It’s a company committed to bringing parents products to help solve the “BooginHead” factor and make life a little easier.

BooginHead’s Squeez’Ems are reusable food pouches that will hold any pureed food. Easy to fill, clean and store, they are a perfect choice for on-the-go families. Squeez’Ems reusable food pouches are perfect for all ages. The pouches are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. The Squeez’Ems one-piece construction means no lost parts. They are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

BooginHead also offers PaciGrips to keep baby’s pacifier from getting lost. SippiGrip keeps bottles, sippy cups, toys and more in baby’s reach and safe from falling on the floor. PaciPouch is a stylish little pouch that will hold two pacifiers and two PaciGrips that can be attached to a stroller and keep everything handy and clean.

BooginHead’s 52″-round SplatMat goes under a child’s chair to catch spilled or dropped food. SplatMat is great for protecting against art projects and even to take out to the park or beach for a clean, dry place for baby to sit.

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Happy Family Feeds All Stages and Ages

Happy Family
Founder and CEO Shazi Visram launched Happy Family on Mother’s Day 2006. A company owned and operated by moms, Happy Family is the leading premium organic food brand delivering optimal nutrition for the entire family. Happy Family products are recognized for superior taste and nutrition. In 2011, Shazi earned the title of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year for New York. Happy Family has been named as one of the fastest growing organic food companies in the nation by Inc. magazine for two years running.

Necessity once again being the mother of all invention, the idea for Happy Baby came after Shazi watched her friend struggle to find healthy food options for her baby. What began as Happy Baby, a minimally processed, organic alternative to baby food in a jar, has since grown into a comprehensive line for the whole family. Today, Happy Family provides organic, nutritionally rich foods for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults.

Happy Baby works with pediatricians and nutritionists to develop their recipes, starting with the best organic and 100% natural fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, and grains. The company adds extra nutrition whenever possible. Nutritional bonuses include essential vitamins, minerals, supergrains, and probiotics to help ensure little ones get more nutritional benefits from each bite.

Baby’s first solid food is usually cereal and Happy Bellies are the ideal first solid food for baby. They are the first baby cereals with prebiotic + probiotic immune support and the only organic cereal with DHA & Choline for healthy brain and eye development. Happy Bellies contains only all natural and organic ingredients to start babies off right.

The baby line includes single ingredient purees, as well as combinations of pure fruit and vegetable blends like broccoli, peas and pear or banana and kiwi. For the baby ready to move on, Homestyle Meals are delicious combinations of organic veggies and grains, gently cooked to ensure that baby receives the most possible nutrients.

Stage 3 Hearty Meals are organic protein, vegetable, fruit, and supergrain mixes. These unique and delicious recipes help to provide a wide variety of nutrients for baby’s growing body. Happy Baby also makes baby snacks, including Happy Creamies, a delicious, non-dairy snack that melts in baby’s mouth. Made with organic fruits, veggies, and coconut milk, this snack is great when families are on-the-go.

Happy Munchies snacks range from veggie dusted rice cakes to baked cheese and veggie snacks, with some even fortified with Choline for healthy eye and brain development. Happy Puffs and Happy Yogis round out the baby snack line. The Happy Tot assortment has added Happy Morning breakfast smoothies, Tot Plus Organic Superfoods, and Happy Tot Meal Bowls. These products and more are also incorporated in the Kids and Everyone line of foods.

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