New Toys Provide Variety and Value

Mystixx by Playhut

As parents can attest to, kids change constantly. The bookworm becomes a glamour-puss, while the boy who was glued to his electronic device suddenly opts for active sports. Retailers need to offer a range of items that capture the mercurial nature of youngsters and be prepared with items that can change, increasing the play factor. Dolls that morph from one personality to another; games that get kids up and around; action figures with variety built into them; and makeup that helps girls experiment safely are a few currently hot items. Stocking innovative merchandise encourages the adults who shop for kids to recommend your store to people they know. Word of mouth is always a great sales tool and these toys are sure to get that desirable buzz humming. Get in on the action with these selections from Playhut, ParkZarz, BackSlapz and Luna Star.

Mystixx Vampire Dolls Have Multiple Personalities

Mystixx by Playhut
What could be cooler than a beautiful doll complete with several outfits, shoes and accessories? How about two dolls in one? Talk about play value, the Mystixx Vampires from Playhut will fascinate kids who are always ready for the newest of the new. These multi-faceted foxy dolls start off as charming, well-mannered school girls. Then, with a twist of the head they turn into vampires with totally different personalities.

Each eleven-inch doll comes with two wigs in super-hip styles. Each also arrives with two outfits, incredibly up-to-the-minute shoes like hot wedges, and accessories. Girls are so into vampires that these dolls are sure to provide hours of reality to fantasy play. There is something extra-special about the ability to transform a doll, and Mystixx Vampires make it easy. Once the head is turned and a new wig popped on it’s a total change from charming to scary.

The dolls are available in four characters: Talin, a lovable princess; Siva, a member of royalty who just wants to be a regular girl; Azra, an adventuress known to get into trouble because of her highly competitive nature; and Kalini, a nerdy type who can be taken advantage of. Girls who get one of the dolls will want to collect them all.

Miss metamorphosis:

ParkZarz Ramps Up the Play Action

Skip the lights, ignore the camera, but bring on the action! Sports figures that move are a huge hit with young dudes, so you make a smart move when you bring the best of the best to shoppers’ attention. ParkZarz figures can be displayed or played with, giving them great kid-appeal.

The line was originally conceived and launched in the mountains of Park City, Utah, beginning with winter sports figures that can spin, flip and jib. The trick stick makes the figures simple enough for youngsters to manipulate and as the bodies and legs of the various figures are interchangeable, many positions are possible based on how many figures are collected — a merchandising strategy that stimulates multiple sales.

Boys aged five through twelve go wild for Zarz figures (although some have a hard time keeping them away from older family members!) The current collection includes three ski and three snowboard sets, with each set including two interchangeable figures, a park feature, trick stick, two pose sticks for display, and extra boards, skis, poles and graphic decals. The quarter pipe form can be made into any number of terrain parks using snow or sand.

Coming soon are single packs and skate boarders. These realistic plastic figures are designed in the U.S., manufactured in China and thoroughly tested to meet all domestic and international safety requirements. For play or display, these lifelike sports figures are durable, colorful and engaging.

Action figures into active play:

BackSlapz Sticks to the Basics of Fun

Kids’ love of stickers never wanes. Neither does their love of simple games. By combining the two, you get BackSlapz, a group of games that encourages youngsters to run around, use their imaginations and interact with one another. Games that turn kids into couch potatoes are so last year and shoppers eagerly embrace this new line that inspires activity and helps little minds think big thoughts.

BackSlapz games include tag, freeze tag and a play on “Duck, Duck, Goose”, as well as an acting game created to meet the special needs of children on the autism spectrum. These youngsters often need help expressing emotions and this game delivers as kids respond to being tagged with a happy face sticker by acting happy and flashing a smile. When tagged with a sad sticker, their assignment is to frown and communicate “down” thoughts.

These clever, low-cost sticker games were developed by Thomas Kackle who created three cute characters kids relate to: Slippy, Slappy and Sloppy. All three are involved with the High Five game, a riff on the ever-popular “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” in which players “high five” a poster featuring the characters and can keep score to see who wins.

Stickers are reusable and do not damage walls or other surfaces, winning a big thumbs-up from parents. They also stick well on cotton so players can display them on tee shirts and pants.

Low on cost, high on fun:

Luna Star Puts Best Faces Forward

Luna Star
Experimenting with makeup is part of girls’ growing-up rituals. Unfortunately, many makeup products for kids are loaded with masses of harmful chemicals, while makeup “borrowed” from mom is likely to be too harsh for young skin. Enter Luna Star — makeup made entirely of FDA-approved natural substances and ideal for special occasions, sleepovers, hosting a princess party, or just plain fun.

The Shining Star and Princesses collection turns little divas into a vision of elegance using clean ingredients. Nail polish can be neatly soaked off in warm water, doing away with the chemicals in traditional polish remover. Powders give fabulous coverage and can be applied with the applicator sold with it or using a separate brush.

The color intensity of Luna Naturals Face Paint can be controlled by the user to create a whisper of color or go all out for a wild-and-crazy look. When done, a little soap and water removes all traces.

Luna Star Naturals Organic Lip Shimmer contains gentle ingredients, including shea butter, Vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract so little lips can shine on in total safety.

Shoppers who have previously shied away from buying makeup for kids are comfortable with Luna Star, knowing that the ingredients are entirely safe. Satisfied customers lead to repeat sales as girls try their wings with new looks as they grow.

Luna Star delivers the glamour girls crave with safety:

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