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Long before backpacks, students in early America went to school where the first textbook they were exposed to was the New England Primer. The most popular schoolbook in the nineteenth century was the McGuffey Reader, introduced in 1836. Early on, students often shared books so the need of a way to tote them was not part of the picture.

Fast forward to today when, despite the electronic revolution, most kids carry masses of books not to mention phones, game players and personal treasures to and from school each day. Hence the popularity of the student backpack. At first, backpacks were simply functional, but now style is critical. Kids like packs that make them stand out, are easy to get into and can take the wear and tear they are subject to on the bus, in lockers or just sitting on the floor. Some of our favorites are from Uanyi, Herschel Supply, MadPax and Apple Park.

Uanyi: Packed for Total Personalization

For the coolest look on the planet, check out the Uanyi backpacks from CH Marketing, LLC. These packs come with silicone pixel blocks that attach to a flexible panel so the wearer can create a totally personalized graphic, sort of like a wearable Lego. Flowers, stars, video game characters — you name it, the proud user can design it and know that he or she has a truly unique pack and one that will stand out from the others in the class.

With a Uanyi Backpack, tweens and teens can reflect their very personal style and mood any and every day for a super-special DIY experience. These backpacks are not all sizzle, but have plenty of steak as they are built to do the intended job with a protective internal laptop sleeve and an outside small front pocket to hold an iPod or mobile phone. To help budding designers get their projects launched, each backpack comes with a booklet that displays an awesome assortment of patterns for inspiration.

The same technology also comes as a clutch, available in ten snazzy colors that offer three main compartments, a small pocket and a zippered pocket. The DIY pixel approach is also available as a cell phone case. With twenty-four color options in pixels and numerous choices for the background, no two looks will be the same.

Backpacks like no others:

Herschel Supply Packs Are at the Head of the Class

Herschel Supply
Introducing the Kids Collection from Herschel Supply Co. This new grouping incorporates this company’s highly regarded attention to detail, now available in two smaller sizes for younger children. The Heritage Supply Kids Collection maintains the same look and feel as the full-sized heritage backpack and features mash-up prints, seasonal color-blocking and kid-safe plastic zippers.

For fun and functionality, Heritage Kids has a large front pocket, an internal sleeve, an eco-friendly reinforced bottom with heavy duty lightweight rubber detailing and is made of coated cotton poly material. The bag is 13” x 9”, and has an 8.5” long carrying capacity. It comes in many colors, including: Black, Red, Lime Punch, Teal, Pink, Woodland Camo, Olive Polka Dot and Red Polka Dot. A poly-coated fabric pinstripe liner flashes when a youngster delves inside for a little added pizzazz.

The Settlement Kids version of the popular Settlement backpack makes getting into it easy, via exposed plastic zippers. Settlement Kids also has a large front pocket, reinforced bottom and an internal sleeve for all the stuff kids need. Settlement Youth is the company’s most popular silhouette and, at 15” x 10” can hold a heap of goods. This cheery approach to hauling gear is manufactured using highly durable 600D Polyester and comes in Navy/Red, Cobalt/Red Polka Dot, Lime Punch/Camper Orange, Purple/Cobalt, Pink/Purple, Camper Orange/Woodland Camo, Woodland Camo/Red Polka Dot, Olive Polka Dot/Woodland Camo, Woodland and Red Polka Dot.

MadPax: Everything but Ordinary

Known in the children’s industry for the progressive and the unusual, MadPax continues to explore 3-D based technology for backpack construction. Among their newest offering is Blok, with construction that allows the design to literally press through the fabric, creating a stunning 3-D effect.

MadPax co-founder, Tina Huber, went for a combination of function and fun and pulled it off. Blok is available in eight over-the-top, stand-out colors including: 4 Alarm Fire!, Sky’s the Limit, Pass the OJ and Blackout. Blok offers towers of power that meet squares — truly a way for kids to rock a load.

The Later-Gator model features spikes that demand attention, while Bubble incorporates crazily cool round shapes that make for a stand-out. 2013 is also the year that MadPax introduces LedLox, a pencil case that can double as a purse or a carrier for small items such as a cell phone, crayons or small collectibles.

MadPax packs are available in a range of sizes, including Full Size, Half Size, Nibbler, a fully-insulated lunch pack, and Mighty Bite to stash smaller necessities.

Ultra cool backpacks:

Apple Park: Green Packs in Colorful Critters

Apple Park
Help your shoppers feel good about their purchases with backpacks made of entirely recycled materials. The Apple Park backpacks come in a range of kid-appealing shapes that are fashioned from bottles saved from landfills, so young wearers can be totally in-the-moment while those who shop for them know they are contributing to the betterment of the planet.

Who, a purple or white owl pack, is 10.75 x 12 x 5.5 inches. Other shapes include an orange Monkey; Cubby, a bear with a twinkle in his eye; a pink Bunny with floppy ears; and a black-and-white Penguin sporting a red-and-white dotted necktie.

Lunchpacks, conveniently sized at 8 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches keep contents hot or cold so food is at the right temperature when eating time rolls around. Lunchpacks are available in the same shapes and colors as the backpacks.

Apple Park is proudly “green,” with dyes that meet or surpass organic standards, with packaging printed on recycled paper, using only organic inks. The company is a member of the Organic Trade Association that helps encourage global sustainability. Even the name “Apple Park” is part of the company’s mission as it represents the ideals that define the brand. “Apple” stands for a new beginning, as well as the life cycle, nature, love, curiosity and education while “Park” refers to a place where man has collaborated with nature for the purpose of preservation and enjoyment.

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