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My Art Gallery®

They may be seduced by television and video games, but every kid loves a good craft project. With products by Easy Student Publishing, parents don’t have to stock popsicle sticks and glue guns to keep the creative sides of their kids alive. These products make creating and showing art projects easy. Any budding bard can publish simply by uploading their original writing and illustrations.

Parents can arm their iPads with a protective case that interacts with the ArtSee Studio app to transform kids’ masterpieces into animated games and activities. Turn the results into museum-quality showpieces with My Art Gallery — funky yet functional frames that de-clutter the fridge and ensure priceless memories are forever preserved.

Usually cleanliness isn’t associated with children’s craftiness, but it can be with Press-N-Paint. With sealed primary colored paint dispensers, kids can mix paints without spilling a drop. Make summer fun and stock your shelves with these creative solutions.

Easy Student Publishing Encourages Young Authors

Easy Student Publishing
It’s said that the key to academia is “publish or perish”. Kids can get an early start to tenure by self-publishing with Easy Student Publishing. Easy Student Publishing offers award-winning products and programs that motivate students to put forth their very best effort into a writing project that they can follow to a tangible result. By publishing a book, kids build their self esteem and realize a sense of their voice and potential impact on the world around them.

Creative writing can come to life with Student Storybooks and Classbooks. Student Storybooks allow kids to write and illustrate their own 12-page story. It may not be an acknowledgement from an acclaimed author, but just like the real thing, the books feature options for a title, dedication and “About the Author” section on the back cover.

Classbooks are another option perfect for younger grades and can be used for poetry, classroom memories, and recipe books. Each student writes and illustrates one or two pages of content and the result is ready for a book party in weeks. These books are made in the U.S.A. and will turn a child’s living room or classroom into a publisher’s office.

Prove print isn’t dead with

Turn an iPad into an ArtSee Studio

ArtSee Studio
Sometimes when we say kids like to paint on electronic devices, we mean kids like to paint ON the device. Sometimes, a regular pen just looks like a stylus and innocent hands do devilish things. Parents won’t have to yell “color only on the paper!” anymore thanks to ArtSee Studio™. It is a protective case that allows kids to create beyond the boundaries of traditional art while protecting an iPad®. The case and accompanying app transforms simple drawings and paintings on the iPad into animated games and activities, leaving kids longing for more!

The magical adventure begins by securing the tablet into the protective case, and then launching the app. The 75+ interactive stamps make patterns, animation, music, and special effects. Use the stylus as a pencil, crayon, marker or paint brush, and then turn it on its side to make textures and visual effects.

Kids can create up to 60 challenging activities with five unique games. Over 15 coloring pages will keep kids busy in any situation, so make sure to include these as part of a summer travel display.

ArtSee Studio is made for iPad® (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation):

My Art Gallery Preserves Creativity

My Art Gallery®
Even when they’re not raising a precocious Picasso, parents always want to display junior’s latest foray into art. The natural place is the fridge, only it doesn’t seem so natural when the doors are full of fuzzily painted fruit bowls. My Art Gallery® by Three-Eyed Fly, LLC transforms refrigerators and walls from mighty messy to magnificent museum in minutes. These funky frames can go up on the fridge or on the wall, and are far more attractive than your average dime-store magnet and wrinkle-edged paper.

Each frame holds up to thirty-five 8.5” x 11” works of art. Frames can be displayed either vertically or horizontally and the latest creation easily slides in front of the last so memories are always front and center. Once frames are full, art may be moved to the Keepsake Box where hundreds of pieces can be stored as a time capsule of child creativity. A photo frame on the header proudly showcases the little artist. Available mid-summer in green, black, and pink, it will be perfect for a display to show all the rainy summer day crafts or prepare for fall and offer it as part of back to school.

Display it today. Store it tomorrow. Treasure it always.


If you have ever tried to paint art with a child, you know how messy things can get. Now allow children and parents alike to control their environment and manage the mess with Press-N-Paint. By simply pushing down on the desired color, kids get the joy of watching their chosen color dispensed into a mixing cup. And parents don’t have to watch their carpet turn carrot orange. This is also a priceless primer on primary colors as kids watch color combinations happen before their very eyes.

A color guide is included in the kit so kids can learn how the combinations happen. Press-N-Paint coloring books contain the primary and secondary color combinations in a paint-by-number approach. The most attractive aspect of Press-N-Paint is its no-mess policy. Using five self-sealing, primary colored paint dispensers, Press-N-Paint allows one to mix paints without the possibility of spilling open containers.

Parents will love that the primary colors are in sealed containers that will not tip, spill or get cross contaminated with other colors (every parent has that one bottle of grayish brown “paint” at home). Only what is dispensed is exposed, and this greatly reduces the chances of an unwanted spill.

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