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The Matching Dots

It seems like it’s harder to find companies who are still manufacturing their goods in the U.S.A. So many companies have made the decision to take their manufacturing overseas. While they realize less expense, it comes at a cost for those in the United States. There still are companies that are committed to manufacturing in the U.S.A. The Matching Dots, Paty, Inc., Papersalt and Sugarbug’s Closet are four companies that are proud to be manufacturing their product lines in the U.S.A.

The Matching Dots Connect

The Matching Dots
What happens when two best friends who had a dream since they were teens of owning a business together make the dream a reality? Well, you may just need to follow the dots to find out. The Matching Dots is a socially responsible, made-in-the-U.S.A. clothing line for girls, women, dolls and the pampered pooch. Best friends Fe and Augusta make it easy for girls to match their clothing with mom, their doll and even their pup with the polka dot prints that are their specialty.

With customer service their number one priority, The Matching Dots strives to deliver high quality clothing that bucks the fashion industry trend of manufacturing overseas. Manufacturing in the U.S.A. has several advantages for the company; shorter distances to their manufacturer ensures close teamwork and provides for better control while supporting local and national economies and reducing their carbon footprint.

Dots of all sizes come together on Abby, a girly silhouette combined with a cool color palette is sure to please on any day. This grey rayon knit dress features a contrasting woven back. Girls will be turning heads in Hanna. This red, rayon, knit dress features a contrasting sleeve and a girly ruffled hem. Camel and navy dots are sure to make girls stand out from the crowd. The royal purple Gail dress is perfect for princesses of all ages. With coordinating options for dolls and pups, everyone can step out in dots.

For moms and daughters who want to be spotted together, they need to start with Little Cate! A classic color combination, puff sleeves and dots of all sizes combine to make a dress that is super cute paired with mom in Cate. The Cate dress for women features a flattering, sophisticated silhouette that is great on its own or for the modern mommy-and-me look with Little Cate.

With coordinating headbands, dresses for 18” dolls and polka dot tees for pups, everyone can be connected through dots. Girl’s dresses are available in sizes 12M-10/12, women’s dresses are available in sizes 2-12.

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Paty, Inc. Celebrates 42 Years of Heirloom Quality

Paty, Inc.
Paty, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality infant apparel in the United States since 1971, and while the decades have passed, their standards remain the same. They take great pride and care to start with the best quality raw materials, carefully cut, sew and package each item by hand. Their main product line includes handmade layette offered in both their signature 50/50 Pointelle Knit as well as in 100% cotton fabric. They also offer seasonal materials and prints, including seersuckers and plaids.

A few of their most popular items are day gowns, kimonos, one-pieces, receiving blankets, bib/burp cloths, hats, beanies, booties, shoes and mittens. Most layette is in sizes preemie-12M. Other styles offered include bubbles, separates and dresses.

Paty layette is made to last for generations, and it does. They frequently hear from grandparents about how they purchased Paty garments for their children years ago and that today, 30 years later, their grandchildren are wearing the same Paty gowns. It’s those stories that make what they do so special. They treat every piece they make as if it will be a family heirloom, to be handed down for generations.

The secret behind Paty’s durability lies in their manufacturing process. They begin by sourcing first quality yarns and components and then running them through their specialized circular knitting machines. These machines are unique in themselves, mainly because they are quite possibly the only two left in the world!

Once the knitting machines convert the yarn into their Signature Paty Pointelle Knit, the rolls of fabric are transferred to cutting tables where patterns are applied, traced, and cut. Each pattern is measured and traced by hand by a skilled artisan and then hand-cut to ensure each piece receives a personal touch. The individual components then make their way through a series of sewing stations, ultimately ending at the finishing table where they are inspected, labeled, and packaged. This process has been honed over the last 40 years and today still produces high-quality infant clothing lasting for generations.

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Papersalt’s “Living Books” Guide Families and Teens

Papersalt is a division of Revolution, a Seattle marketing and printing company founded in 2003. Revolution specializes in employee training and recognition, building content to inspire and influence people. Revolution was founded by parents who have spent years building content around families. They know that even on their best days as parents they still need help, and that’s why they started Papersalt.

Papersalt knows building and nurturing a family is one of the hardest thing parents do. Feeling that simple, memorable, engaging content is effective, they make it a priority that all content for books, games and artwork is researched and written by them and their families. All items are produced in their Seattle facility.

The We Do book is for all that family stands for — Forgiveness, Celebrations, Cooperation, No Money Fun and more. A growing book that families add to with notes, photos, family creed and other special memories, it’s a book that’s designed to be referred to often.

For Teens, two books help with what they need to know: Being a Teenage Boy is a “living book” for teenage boys to reference, write in, and refer back to often. Topics include respecting girls and women, walking away from fights, self-confidence, taking care of body and mind, and simple things to remember during the stressful teenage years. Being a Teenage Girl is a “living book” for teenage girls to reference, write in, and reflect upon. Topics include doing the right thing for others, telling mom you love her, self-confidence, taking care of body and mind, and simple things to remember during the stressful teenage years.

Kitchen Habits gives families 17 nights of practicing kitchen and table skills with the family. This book makes it easy to practice skills kids will need when dining out, in others’ homes, when they are on their own, and especially for helping around the house.

Newly released One Word Thank You Cards is a collection of one-word gratitude cards that make it fun to show appreciation easily and often.

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Sugarbug’s Closet is a Grandmother’s Dream

Sugarbug's Closet
Linda Shumway could never have guessed what would become of her desire to create some personalized and unique things for her first grandchild. Purchasing a tabletop embroidery machine 9 years ago, when her daughter was expecting, unleashed Linda’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Linda always wanted to start a family business and work with her daughters, while also creating jobs for women in her home state of Tennessee. She wanted to provide opportunities for women to have the ability to work from home with flexible hours, creating a perfect fit for moms.

Sugarbug’s Closet was born from this grandmother’s passion and mission. Sugarbug’s Closet produces high quality, handcrafted layette, clothing and accessories with great attention to detail. Layette is consistently their best-selling collection, but they continue to expand with new products. Twice a year, new products and fabrics are introduced. Sugarbug’s Closet takes pride that their entire line is made in the U.S.A.

Complete themed collections are available and make great new baby gifts with coordinating items in princess, pirate, pony, owls, happily ever after, sailboat and sheriff designs. Long sleeve and short sleeve one-pieces with embroidered sayings; plush, thirsty hooded towels with minky soft fabric accents; sweet, soft minky lovies; and big brother, big sister and sibling embroidered t-shirts are just some of the great pieces available.

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