Products that Promote Caring Make Good Buzz

Seeds of Happiness

“Karma” has entered into our casual lexicon as a word that refers to the concept of reciprocity, also known as “what goes around comes around.” In the business world, some entrepreneurs have embraced the concept of karma by launching businesses that help others in some way. Sometimes, it can be by using earth-safe materials or ethical production practices, sometimes it can be by donating proceeds to philanthropic organizations. In other cases, the very products themselves are meant to be inspirational in some way.

Often, when a company does good deeds or creates life-enhancing products, they benefit by getting increased media attention and positive word of mouth. It’s Business 101; when customers feel good about their experience with a company, they’re likely to buy from that company again and to recommend it to others. It also helps if your products are interesting and unique. Seeds of Happiness and Peace Passion Positivity are two companies that are getting plenty of good buzz right now.

Seeds of Happiness Bloom with Care

Seeds of Happiness
As long as there’s human interaction, there will be a market for gifts, cards, and other notions that are meant to lift the spirits and acknowledge life’s milestones. Despite the availability of e-cards and other social media communication, paper cards, stuffed toys, flower arrangements and other traditional gifts are still flying off the shelves. While a nod from a friend in cyberspace is great, there’s something about having a tangible keepsake to serve as a reminder that we’re loved.

There’s no telling what types of gifts will strike a chord with the public. Innovative or expensive items are impressive, but often it’s the simple gifts that that have a certain character or flair that become most popular. So is the case with Seeds of Happiness. This innovative company makes colorful clay “seeds” decorated with smiles and other themes.

Sculptor Mark Borella is the man behind the smiles and his Kirkwood, MO studio is where the creativity happens. The work environment is lighthearted and stress-free, in keeping with the positive energy behind the company. Mark began making Seeds of Happiness as a comforting gesture for grieving friends who were facing the ultimate pain: the loss of a child. Their son was losing his battle with cancer and Mark, knowing that no words or deeds could ease their grief, made some smiles out of leftover clay and gave it to them as a condolence offering. Little did he know at the time that this act of reaching out was the first step in the development of a new product. Before long, more people expressed interest in the adorable smiling “seeds,” and Mark began to offer them in more colors and variations.

There are Seeds of Happiness for everything from baby showers to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and beyond. They can be purchased by the bag in either one color or mixed color packs. The idea behind buying a bag of Seeds of Happiness is that you keep one for yourself and disperse the rest among friends, family and acquaintances who need a little pick-me-up.

The seeds come with cards that have inspirational stories to provide comfort and encouragement. The company also offers shirts, hats, mugs and other items with the Seeds of Happiness logo and other images, and Mark hopes to add even more as time goes on.

It’s amazing how far a smile can go when it comes from the heart:

Peace, Passion, Positivity are Charming Reminders

Peace Passion Positivity
The mother-daughter relationship is one that has always been celebrated for its beauty and intensity. Most moms want their little girls to grow up to be successful, strong, independent women who know what they want out of life, and they’re willing to help their daughters achieve their dreams in whatever way they can. Entrepreneur Kim Brundage has the good fortune to see both of her daughters well on the road to running their own successful business. While Payton and Mackenzie may still be too young to vote or drive, they’re not too young to take a great idea and turn it into an enterprise with the help of their mom and other supportive adults. These two remarkable young ladies are the owners of Peace Passion Positivity, a company that makes charm bracelets for the youth market.

The bracelets are made of braided fabric-coated elastic in various colors and are made to carry cute charms from the company’s wide selection. The charms are available in a range of designs to celebrate hobbies such as dance, music and sports, as well as expressions of faith and friendship. They’re great as gifts and collectibles and for trading with friends.

Charm bracelets have been around for a long time, and Peace Passion Positivity Bracelets are a great modern update on this classic. Today’s world is a tough place for kids and teens; school bullying has taken a scary new turn and true friendship can be hard to find. It’s important for young people – and girls in particular – to have strong role models and encouraging messages. While they’re meant to be a pretty, trendy accessory, Peace, Passion, Positivity bracelets also help girls express the traits that are more than skin deep. They encourage friendship, loyalty and self-confidence.

The idea for the product came about when Mackenzie participated in a public speaking competition. The topic was positive self-talk and how our words affect the way we see ourselves and the world around us. With the idea of positive thinking on her mind, Mackenzie wanted to create a fashion product that helped young girls move away from negative thoughts and develop a strong sense of self. Once the concept of Peace, Passion Positivity was born, Kim, who owns a gift shop in their Florida home town, helped Mackenzie get customers. Soon, the popularity of the bracelets had grown and little sister Payton was on board, too.

Now, the whole family is enjoying business success while helping young girls make their own dreams come true:

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