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With the intense competition in the marketplace, many business owners have turned to manufacturing in other countries in order to save money. However, overseas manufacturing has led to recalls of products that were found unsafe, and has hurt the United States economy with the resulting job loss. Manufacturing products in America helps to rebuild our economy and provide jobs for American residents. Customers that buy American made products know that standards and codes are in place to help ensure products are safe. Elizabeth Cate, UnBOWlievable, Fat Rat Family and PunkinWrap are four companies that are committed to manufacturing their goods in America with great pride.

Elizabeth Cate: Fine Fabrics and Finishing Touches

Elizabeth Cate
Designer Lauren Elizabeth Garner received her degree in Fashion Design from the University of Alabama. Elizabeth worked in New York City and Nashville before deciding to follow her dream of creating her own line of children’s clothing.

Elizabeth Cate was born from Lauren’s vision of creating a brand that gives moms the looks they love for their mini fashionistas. Each piece is created to let little girls feel stylish and make each ordinary day extraordinary. The collections are all manufactured in the U.S.A. with a commitment to produce garments from fabrics with fine quality details. Elizabeth Cate is a brand that wants to create pieces that will be cherished for years, which is why they will not sacrifice quality in their collections.

Colorful and comfortable, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, vests, jackets, tops, skirts, shorts, bloomers and pants are sweet and stylish. Clothing is available in pastel linens or spectacular prints with many styles using both to create contrasting, attention-getting accents. Clothing is made of 100% handkerchief, lightweight linen and printed fabrics on 100% cotton poplin. Clothing is available in girls’ sizes 2T-10/12.

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UnBOWlievable Believes in New Starts

New mom Kristin found it difficult to find hair bows in a variety of colors for her newborn baby, Kate. She soon learned that finding bows was not the only challenge she would face. Confronted with a failing marriage, Kristin knew she needed to find a way to support herself and her baby no matter what!

They say a crisis brings with it great opportunity and Kristin is a perfect example of that. She founded UnBOWlievable in the midst of despair and with her “failure is not an option” mentality, she created an amazing product, a retail store concept and a quality brand!

Even more amazing is that Kristin and her husband made an effort to seek help and work on their marriage and are happy to report that things are better than ever! Kristin tells her story in her desire to help others by providing inspiration that “hopeless” situations can sometimes turn around.

UnBOWlievable Signature Bows come in Bold Solids and Polka Dot Designs available in sizes XS to XL, sold individually or in 6 bow gift sets. Hair Ties are elastic knotted ties that are functional and fashionable. The perfect hair accessory for any age, hair ties make a fashion statement whether worn in hair or on the wrist. The very stretchy and durable ties come in great colors, patterns and materials and are sold individually or in sets.

Tiny Blooms are floral headbands featuring one pastel or vibrant color flower with a chevron print headband. The Bloom Bands feature a larger petal filled flower attached to a traditional solid color headband. Posh Petal Headbands feature ribbon flowers attached to ribbon wrapped headbands in very colorful and captivating combinations. Interchangeable solid color infant headbands allow parents to add a bow or flower right to the band that can be worn alone when baby gets enough hair.

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Fat Rat Family: Soft Critters and Other Comfy Creations

Fat Rat Family
Whimsical, fun, and bright, the Fat Rat Family “Minky Dot” children’s clothes and accessories feel as good as they look. Award-winning designer Margee King created Fat Rat Family in Frisco, Texas. The brand is committed to manufacturing its products with attention to detail and design.

Fat Rat’s Best Baby Gift ever AKA The Critters are cuddly soft with a minky soft blanket body. The Critters are available in a large selection of animals or baby styles; personalization can be added to further enhance this security blanket.

Fat Rat’s Minky Dot, doll clothing and accessories are designed to fit popular 18” fashion dolls. Design a Wrap lets anyone be a designer and choose from options to create a unique wrap made to order. Custom wraps or stock wraps are great to use at the beach, after showers or as a cover-up for recitals and pageants.

Clothing for men, women, children, holiday designs, stuffed animals, pillows, throws, aprons, bags and more are made with Fat Rat’s soft minky fabrics that look fashionable and feel fabulous.

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PunkinWrap is a Multi-Purpose Blanket, Cover-Up and Sunshade

Laura Gravett started PunkinWrap as an answer to a problem she was experiencing with her new baby. Kicked off blankets were ending up on the dirty road during walks or in the car, defeating the purpose of protecting baby from the chilly air. Laura also wanted the ease of having just one product to function as a blanket, nursing cover and sunshade. Laura tried some products that claimed to do just that. Despite product claims, she found that some items did not deliver what she needed, so she started researching and designing. Laura created her prototype, the PunkinWrap, about 9 months later.

The PunkinWrap is specifically designed to be used as a nursing cover, blanket and sunshade. Laura didn’t stop there, she was determined everything about her product would be safe and manufactured locally.

The PunkinWrap is designed with parents and baby in mind. Every seam is reinforced to ensure nothing comes unraveled. Strategically placed buttonholes allow for easy attachment to strollers, carriers, car seats, and more. PunkinLinks allow the wrap to be easily clipped to many different baby products. PunkinLinks are manufactured in the U.S.A., free of BPA, PVC, PET and Phthalates making them a safe choice for baby.

A detachable, adjustable strap converts the amply sized wrap to a nursing cover. The modest rigid neckline allows moms to keep an eye on their little one while feeding. The PunkinWrap also provides a clean place to lay baby down for changing or play. Toys attach easily using PunkinLinks to keep baby entertained.

The PunkinPouch is designed to let parents easily hold everything together on the go. The PunkinPouch is sized to hold all eight PunkinLinks, the nursing strap, and the PunkinWrap while the convenient ribbon ties keep everything secure.

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