Room Decor That Makes Dreams Come True


From the time a couple finds out they’re going to be parents, they begin thinking about what type of child they’ll bring into the world. They might have an inkling – whether it be parental instinct or just imagination – about the child’s future personality traits and interests. Decorating a nursery is one way moms and dads can make their dreams for their baby a reality.

A nursery often transforms over the baby’s early years as his or her unique tastes and preferences begin to emerge. Parents who had planned for a princess who loves pink may soon find out they have a tomboy who adores baseball, or vice versa. Whatever the case may be, moms and dads usually want to furnish their little ones’ rooms with all the necessities and flourishes that create a safe, attractive and mentally stimulating environment. KidKraft, Design Skin, Funny Friends, and Judith Raye all offer great products to make a room into a child’s personalized cozy kingdom.

Live, Learn, and Play with KidKraft

Children like to engage in games that emulate the world around them. That’s why they love to play with toys that mimic mom and dad’s everyday tasks. Play kitchens, kid-size cars, and other miniature versions of grown-up items allow kids to try on different roles, learn responsibility, and develop the spark of interest that can lead to future talents. Children are even more delighted with these kinds of toys when they’re realistic-looking and high quality because they look and operate more like the real thing. KidKraft knows this, and delivers top-notch wooden toys and play-sets for kids of all ages to enjoy.

KidKraft’s impressive collection includes beautifully detailed play kitchens, dollhouses, train sets and more. In addition, they make a unique line of religious-themed toys that allow kids to recreate meaningful Christian or Jewish celebrations alongside their families.

If furniture is what you’re after, KidKraft offers that as well, and it has all the quality and charm of their toys. Each piece is designed to add to the aesthetic appeal of the room, as well as enhancing its function. Parents can choose from chairs, tables, rockers, beds, stools, and storage products. There’s also outdoor sheds that can be used for storage or play.

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Design Skin Offers Endless Possibilities

Design Skin
If your customers are in the market for something new and different in the world of children’s furniture and toys, then Design Skin might be just what they’re looking for. This innovative company creates pieces that can transform into various types of furniture and playthings. Design Skin isn’t your ordinary kids’ furniture company. There’s not a wooden chair or headboard to be found, instead the company uses a special type of foam that’s soft, durable and light. It allows for options that you’ll never find with traditional furniture.

Looking at a Design Skin Cake Sofa, for example, you see a basic, bare-bones love-seat in a contemporary streamlined design. Turn it over, however, and you have a small desk that children can use for reading, study, or drawing. The cushion part of the sofa transforms into a desk chair. The colorful “Candy” play mat folds into a tent-like play house, so kids can go from active play — like tumbling — to quiet,imaginative adventures in just seconds. Best of all, the pieces are light enough for kids to move around and change with little to no help, and pose much less risk of injury or suffocation than heavier materials.

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Hanging Out with Funny Friends

Funny Friends
Funny Friends are bright, colorful mobiles, stuffed toys and plush wall decor that take a child’s room to the next level of comfort, cuteness and fantasy. The company offers a fun array of characters that fit a theme and embody a friendly, vibrant attitude sure to win them a place among a kid’s best friends. Parents love them, too because they make a room decorating project so much easier and more effective.

Take for example, the Sea Creatures collection. These tropical-toned aquatic buddies hang suspended around the room, as though they’re in mid-swim. Together with the right paint and lighting, these decorative toys can transform a child’s room into a deep-sea expedition. The company’s jungle, floral, and urban skater collections serve the same purpose of designing a unique theme room environment.

Funny Friends are the brain child of artist and mom Jennifer Becker. As the founder of Tango Designs, a business that offers unique jewelry and home décor, she is a sharp observer of trends as well as a lover of creative innovation. Becker has been designing plush characters for several years, and takes joy in giving each one their own personalities that kids can relate to.

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A Lifetime of Art Appreciation Starts with Judith Raye Paintings

Judith Raye Paintings
Many parents are aware that art is an important part of their children’s lives. They want to expose their kids to various types of artistic mediums and styles, so that they’ll develop an early appreciation for creative expression. One of the ways parents can help open their children’s minds to art is to keep art in the rooms where kids spend most of their time. While the cartoon-style animal figures commonly found on infant and children’s bedding and décor technically qualifies as art, it’s mass-produced and doesn’t possess the same charm as original works filled with the heart and soul of true artists.

Judith Raye is an Oregon-based artist who specializes in wall décor for nurseries and children’s rooms. Her canvas prints capture a range of themes including animals, boats, cars, flowers, toys and more. The pieces convey a calm, peaceful vibe and a contemporary-classic style. With the variety of color combinations available, the prints will compliment the color scheme of just about any room. Raye has also collaborated with the Pine Creek Bedding company to create prints that harmonize with the company’s popular patterns.

Creating dreamscapes for children of all ages:

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