Patriotic Products Offer A Variety Of Quality Made-In-The-USA Items

Samantha Grace Designs

Take pride in what you sell by offering quality products that are safe for the environment, allergen free, and made here in the USA. All natural balms from Honestly Margo, adorable children’s clothing from reclaimed fabrics at Ode To Jeune, monster and bully protection with Spray ‘Em Away, and a variety of home accents from Samantha Grace Designs give retailers plenty of inventory selections. All options are from companies supporting the environment, helping charities, and creating jobs here at home.

Order some smaller items to fill out counter space by the register, or make room for a window display with one of a kind products to pull in more customers. Each company’s products will work well grouped together in a gift basket for birthday parties or the holidays. With such a variety to choose from, retail stores of all different types will find something that works perfectly on their shelves.

Tween Creates Honestly Margo Balms

Honestly Margo
Just because a label says a product is all natural, the ingredients list could tell a different story. The Honestly Margo line of lip and body balms is only made with four ingredients. All that’s needed for these USA manufactured beauty products are beeswax, coconut oil, safflower oil, and a flavored oil. The bright labels and delicious flavors make for the perfect point of sales counter item. Put them on the counter of your store, right by the register for easy viewing. They make excellent gifts for both men and women with sensitivity or allergies to other balms already on the market. Plus the proceeds from the sales of the flavor PRISSY go towards funding breast cancer research.

At 12 years old, founder Margo started making balms for her friends, trying out flavors like pumpkin cheesecake, peppermint, fruity colada, and an unscented option too. They instantly became a hit, and after talking to her mom about it, Margo started her first company. Honestly Margo is more than a beauty product company; it’s an example to young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. With a product that’s truly all natural, as well as ambitious, Honestly Margo is changing the beauty industry one balm at a time.

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Ode To Jeune Sews Old Cloth into New Clothes

Ode to Jeune
Looking for an everyday clothing line that uses only reclaimed, vintage, and remnant materials? Ode To Jeune is your source. They start off by salvaging all their fabrics that would otherwise go into Los Angeles landfills. They are then thoroughly inspected, washed, and transformed into a limited edition clothing line. For the kid that wants to stand out, these unique pieces are all slightly different, and once inventory is out, it’s out for good.

Ode To Jeune makes sure that most of their pieces are unisex, comfortable, and practical for a child’s everyday lifestyle. With fun patterns and funky names, each item has flair. The founder wanted to take a break from women’s fashion, having burnt out after working in it for a decade. She decided to start making children’s clothing that was both fun and helped the clothing industry reduce waste. She believes in educating the next generation about their environmental impact and to appreciate where their clothing comes from.

Being made from materials having a past life, each product tells an intriguing and unique story. The broad range of styles, sizes, and neutral gendering give parents plenty of options:

Spray ‘Em Away Fends Off Bullies, Monsters and More!

Spray 'Em Away
Bullies at school? Monsters in the closet? Use Spray ‘Em Away to fend off all these negative and mean issues. Aromatherapy sprays of all natural ingredients, these kitschy products are great for a child needing a boost of confidence. They come in four different “flavors”: Mean Girls, Monsters, Bullies, and Drama Queens. A percentage of sales from each one is donated to a charity that pertains to the spray’s theme. Made in the USA, they are cruelty free and the container is recyclable. Since they are all natural, they won’t be harmful to pets or humans when sprayed, and won’t stain furniture either. Their fun labels will entice kids the minute they see them on the shelf.

Children can go through tough times with bullies or negative people just like adults, but being so young, it can feel overwhelming to deal with these issues. Parents can get stuck trying to help their child navigate through difficult situations, making this product the perfect item to sell alongside other comforting products. By donating to a charity with every purchase, a child can learn how they are helping others feel better too. Package these sprays together in a confidence boosting basket and it’s sure to put a smile back onto a child’s face.

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Samantha Grace Designs Has a Lot in Store

Samantha Grace Designs
Offering everything from home accents and fashion accessories to eco-friendly cleaning products, Samantha Grace Designs could fill an entire store with their product line. Items are perfect for bundling together as a gift set for a baby shower or a home decorator’s birthday party. There are many options to choose from, all with playful designs, personalization lettering, and fun, bright fabrics.

Samantha Grace Designs started as a hobby, when the founder decided to quit her day job and make this hobby a career. Learning to sew at a young age, she made items that she needed, such as doll clothing as a child to prom dresses in high school. After starting a family, she felt the need to work creativity full-time, and SGD was born.

Inventory selections are endless, from home decor and bath, to all about baby categories. A unique option to truly customize each piece is to pick out specific fabrics to use per item. If a retailer wants to add some extra protection to a product, they can have their fabrics laminated (coated in vinyl). This process complies with the Consumer Product Safety Act and is great for all outdoor items ordered, especially tote bags.

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