Snugaboo Teaches Children How To Be Good Through Imagination

Heard of “The Golden Rule”? Here’s The Platinum Rule!

The Snugaboo line of whimsical blankets takes the concept of playtime a step further by teaching children to “Be Good” through play and make-believe. Snugaboo is built on the Platinum Rule, “Do unto others as THEY would have done to themselves!”

Imaginations Run Wild!

Snugaboo doubles as a blanket and a costume. The blanket’s fanciful features allow children to drape them over their heads and transform into each character. The current line has 6 character-blankets including: Princess Alandreena, Noodles, Daisy the Dumpster-Diving-Diva, Boots, Zeek, and Frankie. Each Snugaboo is made of super- soft fleece, with satin trim, complete with horns, tails, and various headdresses. Hand pockets placed in the corners allow children to cuddle in close. or fly around as the monsters themselves! These blankets have all the joy of a security blanket, while allowing children’s imaginations to run wild.

Children Learn to Do Good to Others

Snugaboo takes its whimsical designs to the next level of fun, fantasy and character teaching, with its “freckles program” that encourages children to “do good” in the world around them, just as the Snugaboos do. With each blanket comes a set of temporary tattoo freckles. When Snugaboos do a good deed, a freckle grows. With the temporary tattoos, children can grow their own freckles for good deeds! The Web site, even has games parents can play to use their Snugaboo as a teaching tool.

Blankets are 30” x 30” and all include satin details, embroidered freckles, and unique adornments on the head and body. Blankets retail for $34.99. The Snugaboo Web site, is a great resource for parents that includes games, videos about each character, and suggestions for ways to use Snugaboo and the Freckles to encourage the Platinum Rule in children.

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