ASD Aprons Make Kids Look and Feel Like Chefs!

Cooking together has been a recipe for bonding and memory making with children for generations. Kids love stirring it up with Mom, Dad and Grandma. In addition to getting to “lick the spoon,” children learn about healthy ingredients, simple math, flavorful spices and basic cooking skills. However, as any good chef knows, cooking can make a fine mess! Aprons are therefore an essential “uniform” in the kitchen. Colorful aprons from Art•Style•Design Living can make kids (and their assistants) look and feel like real chefs!

ASD Living cooks up delicious-looking aprons, including mother/daughter sets. Their recipe for success began In 2009 when Rick Mills was approached by a well-established fabric company that wanted to produce a finished product. Mills, whose background was in kitchen textiles and table linens, proposed a line of designer aprons.

Mills had two goals for creating the apron confections: first, unique packaging, and second, exquisite design and fashion. Nobody else packages cooking aprons in stylish boxes, so this helped set the brand apart. The “secret” ingredient is also the durable quilting fabrics, which are traditionally perfect for family heirlooms that last for years.

Three basic styles are available, each in a wide variety of designs and colors: The Loretta is an adult-sized apron; the Jessica is a coordinating child-sized apron; and the Butcher Style is for kids, laminated for stain prevention.

In addition to aprons, coordinating kitchen accessories, including pot holders, napkins and placemats, are also available.

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