Grasshopper Prep Kits Make Learning Fun

With the average 3-year-old watching several hours of television every day, pediatricians are making recommendations to get kids off the couch and engaged in active learning. Parents may feel unequipped to help their little ones find constructive activities, but thanks to the expert design of Grasshopper Prep Kits, all the work is done and parents and children can enjoy creative and fun learning time together!

Designed by Occupational Therapist Rachel Rudman, the Grasshopper Prep Kits incorporate skills like cutting, shapes, and early letter recognition with fun and interactive activities that kids love. With a specialization in advanced practice pediatrics, Rachel has spent years working first-hand with children to promote the development of both the mind and the senses. “Children learn through play, and Grasshopper channels a child’s energy, and allows kids to be kids. They have the rest of their lives to sit at a desk and work — now is the time for play,” Rachel says.

Designed for children ages 3-5, Grasshopper is working to get kids ready for school and away from the television. Nationally recognized in various print and media sources, Grasshopper has the approval of moms and kids alike. With dozens of activities in three kits, parents can choose those that are right for their child’s needs. With titles like “Following Directions,” “ABC’s and Simple Shapes,” “Getting our Hands Ready,” and “Snip, Glue and Grow,” children won’t even realize that they are learning while engaged in these interactive games.

There are no pencils, no workbooks and no restrictive activities to frustrate—just pure fun. Kits one and two are combined together in a sturdy organized case and offer over 20 individual games for children to enjoy. Each game includes a guidebook for parents that can be adjusted for one or many children to play — offering versatility and economic value. Whether it’s gluing, picking up magnetic letter fish or tracing letters on a gel pad to stimulate the mind and the senses, children will be playing and learning at the same time. Age appropriate materials offer the opportunity for children to work with adults hands-on, or in a more independent atmosphere as necessary.

Grasshopper Prep Kits are also a worthwhile option for children who face specific developmental challenges — such as sensory processing disorder and other conditions where play is especially key to development. Children learn best when they are interested and actively engaged in an activity, and Grasshopper Kits not only hold children’s attention but offer a variety of activities that will happily keep them coming back for more.

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