Kuff-Its Cure Growing Pains Caused by High-Water Pants!

High-waters” sometimes means the creek is rising. In a kid’s world, however, it is an age-old tease that a child’s pant legs are too short — hardly an uncommon occurrence, since youngsters grow so fast! Generally, parents solve the high-water problem with one of two common solutions: 1.) Let down the hem. 2.) Buy new pants. But now, there’s a third solution that’s an uncommon innovation: Kuff-Its, from The Buti-Bag Company.

Kuff-Its are a patent-pending solution that eliminate high-water taunts, keeping kids covered and cute. An iron, ironing board and scissors are the only required tools, because Kuff-Its woven iron-on pant cuffs are applied with a heat-fusible, industrial-strength bonding tape. When Kuff-Its are applied according to manufacturer’s directions, they are permanent!

Kuff-Its are a growth-spurt clothing saver with added benefits. When a child outgrows pants lengthened with Kuff-Its, parents can still save them for siblings or donate them to others. Additionally, the colorful extensions keep a child ankle-deep in red horseshoes, pink berry corduroy, pinky owls, black grey tools, plaids, green camouflage, and more. Intended for woven cotton materials such as twill khakis or jeans up to 5T, they’re the functional and fashionable solution ($13.99 MSRP).

Also from Buti-Bag is the Binkmeister™ pacifier clip. It’s another problem-solver that prevents a pacifier (a.k.a., binkie) falling from the baby’s mouth onto an unsanitary surface. Prevents a lot of parental bending too!

The Binkmeister is a fashionable ribboned tether with a resin snap closure and a plastic-coated clip to protect clothing while secured to the pacifier at one end and the baby’s clothes at the other. Available in strawberry chocolate argyle, apple mini dot, watermelon bold stripe, mocha blue stripe, and more. Binkmeisters should not be used when a child is in a crib or otherwise unattended — it is not a toy, but it does make a practical gift (MSRP $9), packaged in an attractive see-through plastic cube.

These products earn high-water marks. For wholesale information and trade show calendar, visit www.butibag.com

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Very Creative

I haven’t tried these on my kids yet! But I definitely will. What a creative and cute idea. I also love the fabrics pictured- they are stylish.

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