Luvali Puts the Versatile in Reversible

Luvali - This hat reverse to a cow.
Handbags that match certain outfits, occasions, and needs occupy an important spot in women’s fashion. For an accessory that started out as a basic sack to carry one’s essentials, handbags have been elevated to status symbols, fashion statements and works of art. Along with shoes, they take a good chunk out of the average woman’s budget and closet space. Luvali offers versatile, reversible handbags and children’s apparel to stretch shopping budgets.

Luvali - This hat reverse to a monkey.
Luvali produces a unique bag collection that reverses to allow ladies to change up their look without changing bags. Luvali has recently expanded to include reversible children’s wear too. Inspiration for the Luvali change-up idea was created when Jacqueline Dinsmore and her daughter, Shirley Durk, were packing for a vacation and trying to cram multiple handbags into their suitcases. This dilemma led to a creative solution: what if one handbag could be turned into many with one simple move? So Luvali Convertibles were born. These convenient, stylish purses come with slipcovers that fit perfectly and allow on-the-go gals to change their style whenever the mood hits.

Women relate to the inconvenience of swapping out the contents of a bag when switching to a different bag. So, Luvali bags make great gifts and budget stretchers too. Plus, it’s ideal for the teen or preteen girl who wants lots of bags, but has a regular kid’s allowance.

Luvali - This hat reverse to a lion.
When it comes to young children’s clothing, Luvali has some very cute options. Their adorable reversible t-shirts and one-pieces provide two outfits for the price of one. They are made of soft, cozy organic cotton and are printed with animal characters kids love. For example, one side features an early bird, and the other a night owl. So, it’s an ideal outfit to wear from morning to night!

Parents and kids will find the same delightful style in Luvali’s reversible sun hats. Each side features a different graphic and color. On any given sunny day, little ones can decide whether they feel more like a “Busy Bee” or a “Wiggly Worm,” among other fun options. The designs really pop, thanks to high-quality materials and brightly colored graphics.

Continuing the reversible style trend, the company also offers three Season Hats, a collection of ultra-soft fleece hats featuring cute critter faces. Of course, you get 2 cuddly animals for the price of one, for example a “Frear” (Frog/Bear), “Buppy” (Bunny/Puppy) or “Litten” (Lamb/Kitten).

For their emphasis on playfulness and variety, Luvali’s products are cool no matter how you look at it! Check them out, one side to the other, at

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