Johnny Joker” Builds Life and Laugh Skills

Growing up is hard work and children need all the help they can get from the loving, caring adults around them. Basic everyday skills like going potty, eating at the table, and having polite social interactions need to be learned and can take some time to develop. Learning to identify and manage emotions is another challenge that can take some practice. It’s not uncommon for parents to feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle when these skills are slow to come to fruition.

There’s a wealth of resources available to help parents guide their children toward developing these practical and emotional skills, but some are more effective than others. Many times, kids feel as though they’re being preached to and constantly corrected by adults; they have a tendency to tune out when they get the sense they’re being judged and lectured. Children usually respond better when they know that adults are listening to them and caring about their feelings and opinions. Educational models built on this empathetic approach are usually effective, especially when they include fun, interactive activities.

Johnny Joker is an assortment of products meant to help children develop their sense of self-esteem and to master important life skills. The materials include books, plushies and interactive games designed to reach kids in ways they understand and enjoy. Johnny Joker books address five categories: This is Me, My Body and Me, My Feelings, You and Me, and World Around Me. These categories cover self-care and hygiene, managing emotions, identifying preferences and talents, interacting with others and much more.

Because children use humor to diffuse difficult emotions and learn new skills, Johnny Joker makes liberal use of the kind of slapstick, naughty silliness that kids love so much –– one of the books even comes with a whoopee cushion! It’s designed to get them laughing but to get them thinking as well. Parents can use the materials to open the door for communication about important issues.

Parents can feel secure that these products are being created with the guidance of experts. The team behind Johnny Joker includes a number of health and education professionals who write collectively under the pseudonym Dr. W. Reiter. The team is dedicated to helping children develop a strong sense of self and equip them to grow up healthy and happy. The company hopes to expand its product line in the coming year and to reach more families worldwide.

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