Grom Squad's Gnarly Hats Stay Put

What’s one thing on a parent’s mind when they go to the beach? Sun protection, of course. And as convenient as hats are, unless that hat fits perfectly, it will barely block the sun or stay on a tot’s head. Introduce some Grom Squad hats into the mix. These dome covers are made to fit multiple head shapes from six months to five years old, and come in several style options. Founders Jen Barrelli and Chad Gibson struggled with limited children’s hat options on the market, so they decided to create some instead. On-trend, fun designs make kids want to wear them, giving parents peace of mind during outdoor activities. Made of a durable material blend, each hat can withstand even the most radical of sports (as well as intense wash cycles).

Each hat is made of 40% cotton and 60% polyester blend, making them durable to the max. They can be dragged through sand and dirt and still come out clean after a good wash. The term “grom” means a young surfer or extreme sports enthusiast under the age of sixteen. Since Gibson and Barrelli are from a Southern California beach town, the name fits just as well as the hats. Each product is made to endure whatever extreme sport a youngster wants to take on head first.

Stylish designs work with multiple outfits, and are perfect for boys and girls to share. Or create a custom design that works with your company’s theme, and have Grom Squad print them in a multitude of sizes. Wholesale buyers can email them for a complete line catalog of all their current inventory, as well as pricing and current specials. If merchandisers want a more personal connection, give them a ring instead.

This brother/sister duo created Grom Squad in only six months. After finding limited availability of properly fitting children’s hats for purchase, they decided to make some of their own. They called in a few favors, used their business connections, and made their passion project into a company.

Grom Squad is a down-to-earth company that respects hard-working store owners who want a unique product for their shelves.
Wholesalers can contact via email or phone: , (844) 760-GROM (4766),

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