Go Beyond Blocks with Janod

Building toys like blocks (and all their variations) have always been an essential part of a child’s toy box. Simple, painted wooden blocks decorated with colors, numbers and letters of the alphabet are usually the first blocks a child encounters. In the coming years, they’ll graduate to more complicated sets – often made of plastic – that lock together to build all manner of interesting buildings, vehicles, characters and more.

While these multiple piece block sets can cause a lot of clutter around the house, kids love them because they enable them to create their own alternative worlds with their own two hands. And educational experts understand that building sets encourage imagination, manual dexterity and understanding of spatial concepts, which is why you will find these sets in just about every daycare and kindergarten classroom. As kids get even older, they can move on to full building sets that include more authentic working parts and let them learn to use safe, child-sized tools.

European toymakers have long been ahead of the curve when it comes to blocks and other building sets. They tend to prefer wood to plastic for both aesthetic and environmental reasons, and their sets are often much more extensive, detailed, and realistic than their American counterparts, which is why many parents in the U.S. Seek out European toy companies like Janod when purchasing building sets for the kids.

Janod is a French company that’s been the recipient of multiple international toy awards. They offer superior quality wooden building sets designed to inspire children to have fun while expanding their skills. Janod’s selection of kits is extensive. Simple, class building blocks are available in various colors, sizes, shapes, and patterns. In more advanced sets, kids can create their own cars, trucks and other vehicles as well as buildings, roads and more.

Janod’s Redmaster DIY line is one of their best sellers. The line includes several workbench play kits that give kids access to the kinds of tools you would find in a grownup’s toolbox. These workbenches are great for the child who is serious about building. The magnetic tools are a perfect fit for small hands, and allow for a smoother building experience. Solid, premium painted wood gives these kits a professional look so that little ones can more accurately imitate mom and dad’s home improvement projects. Some of the kits include complete instructions and parts that allow the child to make a real, moveable toy vehicle using their tools.

Check out the full line at www.janod.com

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