Cruise into the Past with Candylab Toys

Styles from the 1960s have reached true antique status as that wild and wonderful decade moves well past its half-century anniversary. In addition to sweeping social change, the ’60s brought with it some iconic styles that have had a lasting influence on architecture and design. From open floor plans and bold colors in the home to short skirts and winged glasses on the catwalk, the ’60s were about experimentation and adventure. Nowhere was that more evident than in the era’s automobile design.

While the 1950s saw no shortage of big, flamboyant, eye-catching cars, the ’60s raised the game by introducing not only more advanced mechanical engineering, but more futuristic looks. Car makers began to court the female demographic by offering vehicles with a more delicate, streamlined appearance, and capitalized on the popularity of European music and film by adding elements of foreign luxury auto design to the mix. Thanks to this rich history, many car lovers collect 1960s vehicle memorabilia, and even enjoy passing down their appreciation to their children with toy cars that sport this signature look.

Candylab Toys captures the spirit of the 1960s with its line of classic collectible toy cars. What makes these cars unique is that they’re made of wood, a material growing in popularity due to its longevity and environmental sustainability. While these cars have a definite artisan-made look, that doesn’t mean they’re simple or that they suffer from a lack of flair. Each car has its own individual style, thanks to high-quality craftsmanship and impressive paint jobs that reflect the era’s automotive aesthetic with impressive accuracy. Kids can express their inner rebel with the bright orange GT-10 with black racing stripes, come to the rescue in the bold and boxy red and white Fire Chief, or go back in time with any of their other 6 designs.

Candylab is an up-and-coming company generating plenty of buzz from both toy industry insiders and classic car enthusiasts. The creative team, inspired by mid-century auto and furniture design, spent two years perfecting their product. The result offers a little something for everyone. The durable material means they’ll survive the wear and tear kids will put them through. Its a good thing, too, because their standout style will make parents – and definitely grandparents – want to keep these toys around as conversation pieces and sweet reminders of days gone by.

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