Rhymes with a Reason from Daisy & Blu

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle — one of the most beloved nursery rhymes — gave rise to a collection of unique and totally fabulous items for babies and children under the aegis of Daisy & Blu, a company dedicated to celebrating the beginning of life with style. Their blankets, pillows, rugs and wraps tell stories inspired by classic nursery tales that captivate audiences, delighting children and those who love them.

The line is the creation of award-winning designer Sherry West, knitter extraordinaire, who turned her artistic talents into a company when expecting a baby girl. Originally a sweater designer, West then crafted a blanket that won so much attention it inspired a collection of heirloom-like hand-knitted blankets, sweaters and accessories that took off.

The white Cloud 9 pillow in cotton knit is a charmer by itself or accompanied on bed or chair by the Yellow Moon and Twinkle Star pillows. The Diddle Pillow in navy shows the cat and fiddle on one side along with the start of the rhyme, while the other side features a floppy-eared dog. Both pillows are one-hundred-percent cotton with hand-embroidered detailing.

Continue the nursery rhyme theme by displaying the 44” x 32” blanket in white with a yellow moon and black-and-white cow jumping over it, or a navy version with that famous dish running off with spoon in hand. The cow also turns up as a cotton knit Moo Hat for a special baby, shown in black-and-white with a lovable pink nose and floppy cow ears. It’s a knockout by itself or shown in conjunction with the stuffed toy cow for a gift ensemble that’s hard to beat.

Another adorable item is the Over The Moon cloud-shaped rug loomed entirely by hand in eighty percent wool and twenty percent cotton measuring 31” x 42.” The cow and moon combo are set against a background of stars making a captivating dress-up for floors. West capitalizes on the “cow jumped over the moon” look because research shows that parents often retain a strong connection to this nostalgic theme that resonates with them and with the little ones they shop for.

Full of imaginative richness and advanced technology combined with artisan-like details, Daisy and Blu has a hearty homemade heartbeat running through its core. Here is a line for today and for ages to come.

Luxury knits that tell a story: www.daisyandblu.com

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