Fun for the Sporting Life

Sometimes dreams come true which is what happened to the woman behind the classic action figures from Kaskey Kids. Christy Kaskey’s children were sports fiends. Wanting to keep them entertained and remembering the fun her brothers had with their action figures, Kaskey got her own offspring involved and also turned to other boys and girls in kindergarten and first grade who served as her focus groups when she developed the figures. The results are award-winning toys that engage kids and keep them entertained even in the face of all the high-tech options available.

Soccer Guys, a set with an oversized ball that can be batted into the goal, comes with a ref, twenty-four players, a washable felt field and instruction book, all in scale. Many families use the set to help children get a firmer grasp on the rules of the game; kids themselves spend imaginative hours playing with friends or solo. A similar set is available as Soccer Girls, attesting to the devotion so many young ladies have for the sport.

Go! Go! Sports Girls are another big hit with young ladies and win nods of approval from parents as they are entirely age-appropriate and don’t project an overly mature image. These plush, sports-themed dolls encourage self respect and good living habits like proper eating and sleeping and come uniformed and ready for basketball, swimming, tennis and many other sports.

Football action figures come with two teams to a set in combos like red and green or black and gray teams, complete with goal posts, field, instruction booklet and more, all contained in a tidy plastic case that makes pick-up a cinch. The action figures are fun for kids to play with by themselves as well as alongside brothers or sisters, friends, parents or grandparents. They are also an asset for newbie coaches.

Kaskey Kids has won awards from organizations including iParenting Media; Brilliant Sky Toys & Books; a Gold Seal Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, and the National Parenting Center among others. Kaskey Kids Action Figures encourage hours of creative thinking and stimulate young imaginations. Teachers praise these sets for the way they put kids in the middle of a sports situation and help develop team spirit, strategy and conflict resolution.

Besides their use in play, Kaskey Kids action figures make great decorations on a full-size birthday cake or one-on-one as perfect cupcake toppers for a sports-themed party. Send each guest home with a figure as a reminder of a great gathering.

Before that whistle blows: