Pueri Elemental Goes Eco-Bonkers on Boppers

Most children of the ‘70s and ‘80s have memories of the giant blow-up bop toys that were so popular. The tall, colorful toys were made of a vinyl-like material and filled with air so that when you pushed or punched them, they would fall down only to bounce back up again, ready for more. Although bop toys tended to lose their magic (and their air) after a short period of time, young children enjoyed the fun while it lasted.

Bop toys are still around today, but now more and more parents are disappointed with these kinds of playthings because of the unnatural materials contained in them. Anyone who has opened the package of many plastic children’s toys knows that the chemical odor is immediately noticeable. While many have come to accept that as a “normal toy smell”, a growing number of concerned consumers have realized that toys should not smell like chemical factories, and have sought to make better choices for the planet and for their children.

Pueri Elemental is a company that offers earth-friendly toy choices for kids. Their Eco-Bonk line leaves the bop toys of old in the dust by introducing new and improved designs and ecologically sustainable materials. Rather than using traditional, unnatural materials, Pueri makes their bop toys out of a combination of materials that are safer and more suitable for daily use. The bop toy body is made using a special process that enables petroleum-based materials to be naturally biodegradable. The toy’s plush covering is made from 100% organic cotton. And it’s not only the product itself that’s eco-friendly; the packing and shipping material used by the company are made from recycled cardboard cartons.

Pueri’s dedication to natural products is apparent in their efforts to use only domestic raw materials and to craft their products in the United States. Company founders Donna and Daniel Brin wanted to offer parents appealing alternatives to the chemical-laden children toys so widely available today. Donna has a background in sales and marketing, so she was able to come up with unique ways to design, package and market their flagship product.

Eco-Bonk doesn’t offer generic characters; they create toys with stories and personalities that both delight and educate. Kids can choose from Abigail the Asian Elephant, Logan the King Penguin or Jackson the Grizzly Bear. Each toy comes with a digital storybook that tells the character’s story and helps kids learn about wildlife.

With cool products, innovative designs, and a heart for the planet, Pueri Elemental is a company that’s sure to stay off the endangered species list in the years to come.

For more information, visit www.pueri-elemental.com