Ju-Ju-Be: Summer Reveal - Yummy!

Vanilla Earth Leather with Champagne Lining!

What goes well with Vanilla cupcakes and Vanilla ice cream cones?

Vanilla Earth Leather with Champagne Lining!

Vanilla/Champagne Earth Leather available in the Behave, Be Quick, Be Major, Be Rich, Be Thrifty and Business Be.

Looks delicious with Champagne Bubbles, Brown/Champagne, Morning Vines, Marvelous Mums, and Mint Julep! It actually looks great with all of the prints because it is such a neutral color! The Vanilla is off-white not stark white…it is perfection!

Product will start shipping at the end of April and pre-orders start on April 11th.

If you are new to Ju-Ju-Be then you might be saying…”What is Earth Leather?” Well, let me tell you!!! At Ju-Ju-Be, we are fun and funky, but we are smart and concerned too. When we started our quest for a fashion extension in our line, we needed a material that didn’t exist yet. We wanted something as supple and durable as leather, but without the impact on the environment that tanned animal hides have. We also wanted one more critical thing that we thought was going to be a a pipe dream…we wanted it to be machine washable. After countless hours of engineering and research, we’ve got it! We’re proud of it. We love it. Earth Leather. Found in our Legacy Collection, we feel that we’re leaving a legacy for the future. As you purchase the bags and feel the quality, you’ll know that you’ve purchased a legacy item that is sure to become an heirloom in your family too!

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And don’t forget that the Steel/Lilac Be Quicks are coming too…

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