AmericasMart: Atlanta Showrooms Present Can't-Miss Buys

ParBella Showroom - The 13th Floor in the AmericaMart

ParBella and Friends: Unique finds for the Southeast

ParBella and Friends Showroom was launched February 2009 by Alison Johnson. She combined her efforts wtih Paula Espinera, a veteran of the children’s industry. They gathers quality, little-known products and gives them the platform to grow. After starting her own line, Snapz by ParBella, Alison with mother and partner, Brenda Venable, began to recognize a need for fine children’s lines in the southeast. She was thus driven to open her own showroom, filled with products she loves enough to give to her own daughter!

Alison says, “Our mission is to keep ahead of the trends, and to provide UNIQUE clothing and accessory lines for buyers in the Southeast. We desire to be the showroom for buyers that are looking for something different and unusual, but with a timeless appeal. We are selective on the lines that we bring into the showroom, as we really want each line to be different, but collectively make a nice package.”

ParBella is a one-stop-shop with apparel, accessories, and gifts. Here are some of Leesa’s personal finds:

Pork Chop Kids found in ParBella Showroom

Pork Chop Kids is an adorable line that offers thigh-highs for baby — functional, fashionable, and totally cute. Pork Chops proclaims a focus on cute, “from your chops to your toes.”

Woobie Wear, much more than just a hair accessory line. It’s “where cute meets couture.” The fabulous Fall Collection includes knit hats and headbands, adorned with elaborate, flower accents, reminiscent of the glam of the 1950’s. All flowers are removable to coordinate with any item. Hats wholesale for $11.33 and the headbands for $7.50.

Colette Kids, a unisex line created by a graphic designer. The collection features quality organic baby-rib cotton, with artistic animal designs. All items are adorned with hand-applied screen-printing. The turtle tee has been spotted on Matthew McConaughey’s baby boy. Wholesale for $12 - $12.50.

ParBella and Friends – Showroom 13N100C

Doodlefish: Customers create their own bedding and art!

Doodlefish offers custom bedding

Doodlefish, an exciting discovery at the Atlanta Show, presents a new cocept in customization that allows retailers to offer something totally different to their customers that want to have a hand in the creation of kids’ rooms that reflects their tastes!

Doodlefish offers retailers computer software that allows customized orders for room decor, bedding, finishing touches and art! It empowers customers to design their own creations from endless options of colorful, stylish, and modern fabrics that can be mixed and matched to produce truly one-of-a-find styles. From cribs to twin beds, window coverings to wall art, Doodlefish has it covered! Customization is as simple as the click of a mouse with the Doodlefish software. All products are then produced in the U.S.A. With Doodlefhish, retailers can offer customers made-to-order products that are above and beyond the ordinary.

Kids Co-Op Trio: A taste of New York visits the Southeast!

Find this great collection with Ali's Market in the Kids Coop

NYC’s Ali’s Market Showroom teamed with Tiny Ginger to present “a symphony of children’s wear.” Everything from funky clothing to tween beauty is covered at Ali’s Market. Kaos Recycled is an original, with its rocker clothes that utilize recycled concert tees from classics like the Rolling Stone, Kiss, and AC/DC.

Rounding out the Eastern trio in Atlanta was Ottilie and Lulu that offers a brand of beauty products designed especially for tweens, ages 7-14. At an age where girls are too old for baby shampoo and not quite ready for the adult stuff, Ottilie and Lulu products teach girls to care for their natural beauty at an early age. Imagine, they ask, “if your mother had started wearing sunscreen and washing her face at age 7!”

Tiny Ginger, a New-York based showroom, brought superior organic lines from the US, Europe, and Australia to Atlanta. Focused on elegance, class, and modern hipness, Tiny Ginger showed lines rarely seen at AmericasMart. One standout was Pure Baby, which help start the organic revolution in Australia. Focusing on fashion, function, and affordability, this earth-toned layette collection is not only adorable, but socially responsible, eco and baby-friendly.

Carolina Baby Company: Poole their resources!

Carolina Baby Co - represents Itzy Ritzy

Carolina Baby Company was launched as an Atlanta-based showroom by Jim and Marlo Poole upon moving to the Southeast and finding a woeful baby and maternity industry. They focuses on building strong business relationships, with the Southern comfort of a low-stress sales environment where buyers are free to roam. The showroom offers a range of unique maternity and baby products, “green” products, embroidery, and gift-shop merchandise. Servicing over 1,700 retailers, Carolina Baby has a massive reach with a personal style that keeps keeping their retail partners and brands always in the know! By offering the best in gifts and gear, Carolina Baby says, “It has helped us and our customers stay above the recession!”

Here’s what caught Leesa’s eye most recently in Carolina Baby:
Itzy Ritzy, a celebrity favorite, believes you shouldn’t lose your style just because you have a baby. The modern brand includes covers for shopping carts, nursing, and car seats. Any accessory you could want, in celebrity style!

Dandelion focuses on the cultivation of style, with essentials for baby and kids. The playful assortment offers everything from clothing to bath- time goodies!

Kee-Ka offers “gifts that matter” in 100% organic materials complete with signature recycled “little brown boxes.” The whimsical collection styles everything from bedding to clothing to outfit all of baby’s needs in a socially- responsible, yet very fun way!

Not to forget father’s needs is Daddy’s Tool Bag. This masculine diaper bag comes complete with packing list and instructional DVD. Papa should get a brand-new bag at baby’s shower!

Carolina Baby Company - 13E325
(864) 882-3183

The Giggle Guide® scoured Atlanta to find you the next greatest products! Part 2 from AmericasMart coming soon!

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