ENK Children’s Club Fall 2009 at The Show Piers — A Spring 2010 Preview


It’s show time again and the ENK Children’s Club Show at Pier 94 in New York City did not disappoint. It was heart-warming to witness the pursuit of so much good old American business. I saw orders being written, lots of smiles and laughter and a general sense of purpose. The Giggle Guide™ has found some outstanding lines featured, from high styles taken from the runway to educational threads and one-of-a-kind gifts. Here are our highlights from the shows, including Saurette, Meta Threads, Tangerine Sky, Tree by Kerri Lee and Earnest Sewn Kids.

Saurette — Perfect Fit for Stylish Mom’s Daughters

Saurette is a high-style brand with designs for girls ages 2-12, inspired directly from the runway. Started by Lisa Kanouse, an 18-year veteran of the fashion and retail industry, Saurette offers sophisticated pieces that appeal to style-conscious moms and daughters. After developing lines for Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, Kanouse knows what moms are looking for when shopping for their daughters.

Saurette made an impression with its unique display of natural fabrics, along with a grass-covered backdrop. Bold colors, delicate embroidery, and flowing cuts, the Saurette line makes high style for girls look easy and simple enough for everyday wear. Their popularity has developed a strong celebrity following that includes Angelina Jolie, Gwenth Paltrow, Christian Bale, and Shirly Brener, whose daughter Mila serves as the “face of Saurette” for 2010.

Retail prices range from $50-$90 with sizes available from XS (2/3) up to size 12. For more information about Saurette and the upcoming line visit www.saurette.net.

Meta Threads — More Than Meets the Eye

Meta Threads offers a unique line of children’s attire that incorporates an educational approach to the trendy style. Developed by educators as a way to incorporate language into children’s day-to-day life, the Meta Threads line is about more than just looking good; which it also does. Each piece features its own vocabulary piece, cleverly written upside down as to be read by the wearer. The three designers for the line are all highly degreed in various education and speech-related disciplines and teach schoo- aged children language and literacy.

The Meta Threads name has two meanings, “transcending clothing” and a “shirt about a shirt.” Focusing on details, the high-quality line allows children social opportunities when others ask about the attention grabbing shirts. Dealing strongly with children with special needs, including autism ,has inspired the designers to make a line that allows children to advance both socially and intellectually.

Trendy designs include one piece suits for baby and t-shirts for toddlers to adults with bright green, blue, red, and yellow. Upside down words are scrolled across the chest such as, “blue,” “yellow,” “read,” and “disabuse.” Retail prices range from $12-$38. More information about the Meta Threads line can be found at www.Meta-Threads.com.

Tangerine Sky — A New Brand on the Horizon

Tangerine Sky
Spring 2010 is already looking bright with Tangerine Sky. This new brand offers playwear and dresses for girls 2 to 10. This color-infused line is “As Bright and Beautiful as Her Dreams.” Tangerine Sky offers a complete line of shorts, tops, dresses, tunics, leggings, jackets, sweaters, and capris for the Spring 2010 collection. Incorporating embroidery, beading, trims, and screen prints with bold pinks, yellows, blues, and reds, this line pops and oozes playfulness.

Fabrics are comfortable knits that let girls explore, while each piece is cut to be feminine and casual. Tangerine Sky offers collections for every taste. The Spanish inspired Fiesta collection uses flowing skirts with red embroidery and white underlay. The Shore Thing collection offers nautical inspired pieces with navy, white, and coral accents. Intricate designs, bold colors, and beautiful embellishments combine with comfortable and durable fabrics and cuts to make Tangerine Sky a line for active girls who want to look great!

For more information about Tangerine Sky and the Spring 2010 collection visit www.TangerineSkyCollection.com.

Tree by Kerri Lee — In the Spirit of Giving

Tree by Kerri Lee is a handmade line of gifts and accessories that combines classic vintage designs with simple modern appeal. Each piece offers its own joy with clean lines and charming, hand-painted detail. Made in a 100-year old general store along the Delaware River, these pieces have a unique spirit.

Products include charming music boxes, tooth fairy gifts, baby keepsakes, frames, personalized gifts, and mommy-to-be gift sets. Designs include muted blues, pinks, and greens and bring a classic touch to even the most modern nursery. For more information about Tree by Kerri Lee visit www.TreebyKerriLee.com.

Earnest Sewn Kids — The Ultimate Personal Attention to Detail

Earnest Sewn
Earnest Sewn, a high-style denim brand, is a pioneer in quality and is introducing the Lit’l Earnie kids denim line. Earnest Sewn places total focus on each pair produced. Each pair really is “sewn in earnest” with 3 people overseeing the production of each piece and most products are produced from a single sewer. There are no assembly lines or mass production techniques in this brand. The attention to detail and style is unsurpassed in the denim industry.

The Earnest Sewn line has been featured in Vanity Fair, GQ, Elle, and Baby Couture.

The Kids line for girls includes the Lit’l Hefner, girls boot-cut denim, and the Lit’l Fader, an asymmetrical mini. The Kids line for boys includes the Lit’l Hutch boot cut, the Lit’l Rollo classic fit denim, and the Lit’l Hawtin classic denim jacket. Each piece is hand washed and hand sewn to make a one-of-a-kind Earnest Sewn original.

For those with a love for fashion and a true appreciation for craftsmanship and quality denim, there is no other than Earnest Sewn. For more information about the new Earnest Sewn Kids line visit www.EarnestSewn.com.

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