Back-to-School Children's Club Earns an A+

Kiwi Industries

With over 750 collections, including 123 new lines, the three-day ENK Children’s Club Fall/Winter Back-to-School Show was an extravaganza of children’s fashion at its best! This coming together of leading brands in the children’s market was a perfect representation of what today’s market demands in both style and price, and featured over 100 environmentally-conscious collections from established brands like Coccoli, Kate Quinn Organics, Sage Organics and Petit Bateau. The Giggle Guide®’s Leesa Valentino covered the show and had her eye on the following favorites: Kiwi Industries, la Lovie, Skylar Clothing and UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet.

Kiwi Industries Adds Sesame Street

Kiwi Industries
Kiwi Industries captures simplicity at its best in children’s fashions. Natural and organic fibers are used to create beautiful classic designs with a modern flair. The clothes are made to last, getting softer over time.

Kiwi Industries is a socially-responsible company that makes its 100% organic cotton knitwear in the U.S.A.

Their new Sesame Street collection is a fresh and fun interpretation of the classic characters. The collection includes Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Elmo graphic tees and one-piece outfits made with adorable Sesame Street fabrics, with modern graphics, hip designs, and of course all the favorite Sesame Street characters.

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la Lovie Offers Baby-Soft Cashmere

laLovie - cashmere blanket
When a new family grows up, parents want to enjoy the experience as much as possible, which is why the creators of la Lovie were artfully inspired to create products for young children, while being able to spend time with their own children.

La Lovie’s heirloom-quality cashmere knit sweaters and blankets are beautifully designed, richly colored and durable, using the finest natural materials. Since they are knit, not printed, they are durable, soft and lightweight.

The la Lovie collection includes 100% cashmere and cashmere/silk blend blankets, 100% cashmere sweaters and handmade security dolls designed to give infants and toddlers a variety of textures to explore.

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Skylar Promotes Positive Energy!

Inspired by principles of positive energy from the Zen philosophy, Skylar Clothing offers boys’ and girls’ playwear that moves and flexes with them through life’s adventures. Skylar’s fabrics are lush and versatile, with silhouettes reminiscent of yoga wear, designed to enhance a child’s experience of self in an aura of comfort and graceful beauty.

The newly launched Fall 2010 collection combines quality, comfort and style with the ethical stance of corporate responsibility, melding a perfect blend of yin and yang for children ages 2 to 6. The super-soft clothing is made from natural bamboo and features artfully placed graphics and prints in soothing colors that include Coral, Sky, Lilac, Emerald, Midnight and Stone.

Skylar commits a portion of all profits to BookEnds, which recycles children’s books through student-run book drives.

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UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet Modernizes Bonnets

Urban Baby Bonnet
Back in the day, babies and children were protected from the the sun with embellished baby bonnets. UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet has updated the super functional baby bonnet with fashionable reversible fabrics and classic styling.

Protecting children up to 20 plus years of age (!) from sun, wind, rain and cold are a range of bonnets from the original mod bonnet, to the organically grown eco-bonnets and warm winter ski bonnets. All bonnets are skillfully and ethically-produced with superb craftsmanship in the USA. They feature adjustable chin straps and fold down brims, which are perfect for nursing privacy, in an array of patterns, prints and colors for both boys and girls.

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Be sure to mark your calendars for the remaining 2010 ENK Children’s Club shows on August 1-3 for Holiday Resort/Early Spring and October 3-5 for Spring/Early Summer.

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