Clay Rice at the Chicago Market

Clay Rice talks to The Giggle Guide® about his new book “The Lonely Shadow” and the amazing silhouette work that has been a Rice family tradition for three generations.

About Clay Rice

Clay Rice was born into the art of silhouette cutting. Clay’s Grandfather, Carew Rice, instilled an appreciation of his art into Clay at an early age. At 46, Clay has been cutting silhouettes professionally for more than twenty five years. “I never thought of my work as competing with my Grandfather’s,” says Clay. “I think of it as a continuation of the family art”. Clay’s art has been the subject of many one man shows, most recently through the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC. Clay’s work has been shown alongside controversial artist Kara Walker in the volatile show “Silhouette, The Art of the Form” at the Spruill Gallery in Atlanta Georgia. (January 2004)

Clay Rice has a unique collection of silhouette artistry representing over 70 years of artwork rooted in the American South. This rare artform is a Rice family tradition spanning three generations and two artists.

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