Taking it Easy at the Dallas PBJ

Buggy Bench

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this holds true for the Dallas PBJ: Play Baby Juvenile Trade Show, held March 27th and 28th in the Dallas Market Center. The Market Center is a large, impressive venue that’s home to a number of vendors year round and also hosts special annual events like the PBJ. The show draws dozens of presenters from all facets of the children’s toy and gift industry. Some new companies made their debut at the PBJ, alongside well-established businesses that have attended in years past.

Out of the thousands of products and companies on display, the handful that caught our attention had a common thread: they’re designed to make life easier. Buggy Bench, InchBug, Nizo Wear and SnapFlaps all offer families functional and attractive products that make daily tasks –– from feeding to shopping to getting dressed –– more convenient and fun.

Buggy Bench Adds a Seat to Grocery Carts

Buggy Bench
Grocery shopping with a young child can leave a parent frazzled. It can be a job to keep a little one from running off, throwing tantrums, and asking a million times for items they aren’t allowed to have. When there are two young children involved, these challenges are doubled, plus there is the added issue of space. Most grocery cart child seats are designed for only one child; that leaves one child to walk (or try to find another spot in the cart), and that’s not always practical or safe. Enter the Buggy Bench, a simple yet innovative product that creates another seat in a grocery cart. The fabric seat attaches to the cart hammock-style and holds the child securely.

Florida-based Momprenuer Tiffany Christner invented the Buggy Bench to help make shopping with her young twins easier. With firsthand knowledge of the challenges that parents of multiples face, she designed a product that helps keep kids safe and helps make parents’ grocery shopping experiences less stressful and more convenient. The Buggy bench comes in 3 colors, fits easily into a diaper bag and is machine washable.

See more at www.buggybench.com

InchBug Measures up to Added Convenience

Ask a parent what they look for in everyday children’s products and most will probably answer “convenience.” Parents of young children want to immerse themselves in all the joys and milestones their little ones bring. They can better enjoy the experiences when they have accessories that make childcare tasks easier.

Whether it’s feeding, travel, organizing, or decorating, why go it alone when there are products designed to help? InchBug is a company that offers a wide range of products to help families stay organized, healthy and happy. Whether the kids are babies, school-age, or tweens, InchBug has something to offer.

InchBug is a ten-year-old company that got its start making personalized Orbit labels for baby bottles and sippy cups. Parents loved the idea of being able to avoid accidentally swapped bottles (and germs) at playdates and preschool, and they loved the cute, colorful engraved label designs. The reception was so good that the business was able to branch out, and now offers labels for a variety of items and purposes, including bag tags, allergy alert labels, and Shoe Pals — customizable shoe liners for kids. In addition to labels, InchBug also sells feeding accessories for baby, travel accessories, bath items, blankets, clothing, and much more.

For more information, visit www.inchbug.com

Nizo Wear Nursing Bras Have Comfort Pockets

Nizo Wear
Breastfeeding can be one of the most fulfilling experiences a mother and infant can have, even when there are some adjustments that can make the experience challenging. Many new moms are surprised by the pain and discomfort they feel during the early days of nursing. Nipple irritation and breast discomfort can sometimes be enough to make a new mom want to switch to bottles, but luckily there are measures that can be taken to help ease these problems.

Nizo Wear bras contain special pockets that can hold warm or cold packs. The pocket acts as a barrier between the warm or cold pack and the wearer’s skin for increased safety and comfort. In addition to their healing properties, Nizo Wear nursing bras are also pretty and stylish.

Nizo Wear founder Nicole Zoellner developed her product line based on her own experience with painful breastfeeding. Knowing that warm and cold compresses are a common and effective treatment for breast discomfort, Nicole wanted to make it easy for moms to apply these treatments with ease and to look and feel their best while nursing.

For more information, visit www.nizowear.com

SnapFlaps Flip Flop Footwear Fashion

Most kids enjoy changing their look from time to time. For some, particularly older children, it can seem more like day to day. The shirt or jeans that they had to have a month ago can easily be relegated to back-of-the-closet status as new trends grab the spotlight. Now kids can keep their style fresh with SnapFlaps, versatile flip flops from Sugar Brand.

Mary Boncutter and Holly Rodgers are the creators of SnapFlaps that allow kids to change the look of their footwear in seconds. The flip flops have interchangeable straps and toe buttons that snap out and snap on easily. Straps come in solids and prints, and buttons are available in different shapes like smilies, hearts and more. Kids can customize their flip flops to match their outfits or their moods, and because the straps and buttons are one size fits all, they can be traded between friends no matter what shoe sizes they wear.

Customers can buy separate strap and button sets (17 different designs) to maximize their footwear options. Kids and tweens love SnapFlaps because the unique design adds fun and variety to their style.

For more information, visit www.sugarshoes.com

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