2011 Gift Spotlight

2011 Gift Spotlight

It’s Just What I Wanted!

The Giggle Guide’s inaugural Spotlight shines on gifts for children. Gift is consistently one of the best-selling categories year-round in the children’s business, as consumers are perpetually in need of baby shower, welcome home, recognition, birthday and holiday presents.

Since gifts are such personal choices, it’s wise to offer customers a variety of options to satisfy a wide range of tastes, budgets, occasions and recipient ages. Every children’s product — big or small — has the potential to generate joyful cries of appreciation and gratitude. However, it’s the retailer’s challenge to attractively offer a diverse assortment of giftable items that best cater to their store’s unique spectrum of clientele. A well-conceived gift selection can increase sales and keep customers coming back for more.

So, without further ado, we shine our first Spotlight on gifts in the children’s market!

Oh Plah

Caryn Paradis
(860) 581-4594

Oh Plah!: the wearable teether and multi-sensory toy

The virtually indestructible Oh Plah! Teething Bracelet is teething jewelry that can be safely used as a fabulous fashion accessory, a durable teether and a multi-sensory toy or tool for babies and kids any age.

Oh Plah! is fully recyclable: Roundhouse Design pays to have Oh Plah! shipped back to them to recycle into new products!

This bacteria-resistant, BPA and lead-free non-toxic teething bracelet is a great addition to mom’s outfits, and performs double duty as a virtually indestructible teething device or distraction for a baby or child. Oh Plah! can be cleaned in an instant with soap and water and is ready to go another round with even the most aggressive youngster. With no small parts, Oh Plah! makes it easy for even the smallest babies to find entertainment and teething comfort safely. It exceeds safety standards for the US, Canada and the EU.

Oh Plah! is:

  • Fully recyclable (we recycle them!)
  • Function and design focused
  • BPA and Phthalates free
  • Made in the USA
  • Winner of eight awards
  • An effective therapy tool for kids with autism

Hop-la (said “Oh Plah!”) is a quick little French expression meant for kids when you want to say “here you go!”


Carol Lavinthal
(425) 868-3195

The Perfect Gifts from Huggalugs™

Huggalugs™ introduces two new product lines that are perfect for gift giving.

Nubies™ are petite sized legwarmers, specially made to fit new arrivals to 6 months. They come gift boxed in a beautiful selection of prints, ready to wrap your sweet little baby’s legs in color and softness. The patterns are available in our coordinating Leg Hugger range, perfect for big sibling, little sibling dress-ups.

Lacettes™ bring a touch of vintage elegance to a little girl’s world. They are inspired by Edwardian times when feminine arms and legs were covered in fine lace net stockings and dainty gloves.

Made from a featherweight nylon lace elastane knit, Lacettes™ feature a delicate net and heart pattern with row upon row of shirred net ruffles caressing the ankles topped with a satin bow. The cuffs are finished in delicate embroidered elastic. Each exquisite pair of Lacettes™ legwarmers is packaged in its own net heart wash bag and heart-shaped gift tag.

Satsuma Designs

Jennifer Porter
(206) 604-6465

Fresh, organic gifts and gear for baby

Satsuma Designs - love babies! We believe that gift giving is the perfect way to welcome baby into any family. That means creating cozy, all natural and beautiful gifts that are useful, durable and affordable.

New this gift season, we’ve created a variety of perfectly plush, organic gift sets. From our Top to Tootsies Gift Set, complete with organic bamboo velour cap and booties, to our Hello Baby Bento Gift Box that bursts with baby’s soft firsts: swaddling blanket, jersey knit cap, heirloom quality wooden rattle and a burp cloth for clean and cozy mealtime – all of Satsuma Designs gift sets are sure to comfort families through the year.

After a long day of play, every baby deserves a soothing bath. Keep bath time relaxed and fun with our new Wild Friends! Organic Bamboo Hooded Towels. Choose these triple absorbent, quick drying towels in our monkey, lion or frog designs and wrap baby up in a new little friend (You’ll be happy to invite these friends home!).

If a sponge bath is all that time allows, choose our brand new quick-drying Organic Bamboo Flannel Wash Cloth/Wipe Sets in a rainbow array. Pair these with our super-absorbent, smartly sized Organic Bamboo Flannel Burp Cloths.

And when it’s time to lay baby down to rest, wrap her up in our luxuriously soft Organic Bamboo Flannel Swaddling Blankets that are oversized to ensure a comfortable and soothing swaddle every time.

No Slippy Hair Clippy

(925) 846-8570

No Slippy Hair Clippy® is well known for its luxurious non-slip hair accessories®. All handcrafted, including a patent pending design, No Slippy Hair Clips are exquisite, fashionably hip hair accessories for girls of all ages.

The first non-slip hair accessory®” was invented out of frustration in 2000. A new mom, unable to find anything that would stay in her daughter’s fine hair, decided to create one of her own. No Slippy Hair Clippy® was born… proudly making the world prettier, one girl at a time!

Our design uses an exclusive plush Swiss Velvet that completely lines a metal alligator clip, providing a snug, secure grip. It’s so soft, your little one won’t know it’s there, yet it won’t hurt if she tugs on the clip, another benefit of our design!

Our line has grown to include hair accessories from babies to women. We offer three different clip types, all are non-slip clips®, that won’t slide out of any hair type. Additionally, we offer no-slip headbands, including an organic cotton head wrap, the first of its kind!

Since 2005, No Slippy Hair Clippy® has been nominated by retailers for the prestigious “Earnie” award for design excellence. No Slippy® products continue to be a celebrity favorite, photographed in Hollywood and around the world.

Our latest introduction, a line of modern grosgrain ribbon prints and bows called Clipettes™, boasts an exclusive non-slip grip. This new entry is making its debut as a value-based division of No Slippy Hair Clippy®.

Bows Arts

Deborah DaSilva
(800) 828-2697

Immediate Shipping: Flowers, sparkles, & keepsake-quality Bows and Headbands starting at $1.50. Mom’s are astonished when Bows Arts bows run thru the washer and come out looking better than ever. While off-shore products come to pieces in days, Bows Arts has made the choice to continue high-quality US manufacturing to insure our products stand up to an active girl’s lifestyle.

Bows Arts uses the tightest clippie, not weighed down with heavy magnets on your child’s head. This year Bows Arts is launching new velvet lined clippies with blossoms, pompoms, tiaras, and sparkles all CPSIA and European certified lead and heavy metal free. It’s no wonder that Bows Arts is the bow of choice from Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods of London, to Sauce in Dubai.

Our accessories may be purchase by the piece or hung for you on our signature strip. Cards are also available. Cards can be customized with your logo and brand (minimum quantity required). Our Headbands Stand is very popular. It holds 3 tiers of headbands in a very small foot print on your countertop. Each tier is topped with Velcro so the headbands don’t flop around. New this year is our rotating headband display featuring 16 rows of headbands or bows.

A best seller this year is our New Ric-Rac bow. Custom made to your color specifications, we can match outfits or team/school colors.

Doing business for 38 years, Bows Arts has the widest selection of colors of ribbon in Grosgrain, Organdy, Satin, Velvet and Prints.

Shoe Money

Lori Riley
(512) 261-5648

Shoe Money was “born” March of 2007. Lori Riley made gifts for her mommy friends and they loved them and asked for more. She realized that she could sew, design and create around her children’s schedules and have a little money on the side (“shoe money”) for her favorite hobby: shoe shopping!

With a love of all things nostalgic, sock monkeys kept making their way into designs. A following of Sock Monkey Lovers developed, so now most designs include sock monkeys. All designs are made in Austin, TX by Lori and two seamstresses that have been with her for three years. This year a fellow at-home mom and neighbor will do all of the printing on tees and bodysuits.

This season new sock monkeys made their way into photo shoots and on bodysuits and tees. Take advice from these sock monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, find your inner diva, sing a happy tune, wrangle up some fun, dance and enjoy a bright future.

Visit Katwalk Kids Showroom in Dallas Market Center, #8305: www.katwalkkids.net and Treehouse Showroom in California Market Center, #A642: www.TheTreehouseshowroom.com.

Baby Bella Maya

Lynn Barber
(805) 498-1914

Affordable Gifts for Stylish Infants and Toddlers

Founded in 2005, Baby Bella Maya is known for their trendy designs and eye catching style. Their product offering includes: designer baby booties, blankets, infant and toddler car seat covers, leggings, gift sets, headbands and fanny covers along with their original creation, front pack infant carrier slipcovers.

With a wide variety of gifts to choose from, Baby Bella Maya offers fashion forward products that are perfect for baby showers, birthdays, or just about any occasion where ooh’s, ahh’s and smiles are sought.

Baby Bella Maya gift sets will be the envy at any baby shower or party.

The gift set features our most popular items: a pair of booties, a headband and a coordinating ruffled one-piece outfit packaged in an adorable heart shaped keepsake box. ($40 Retail)

Wrap your baby in luxury with a Baby Bella Maya soft and cuddly blanket. There’s sure to be a design that suits your baby’s style. Choose from elegant woven fabrics to fun trendy prints. Blankets are a great gift for any occasion. Baby Bella Maya blankets are intended to compliment their other products to create a complete designer look. ($50 Retail)

Cute as can be and quite comfortable too, Baby Bella Maya offers designer booties for pre walkers that are simply adorable. Available in ten different styles to choose from for both boys and girls, the Mary Jane styles booties are made of silky woven polyester blends representing the latest trends and fashion favorites. ($10 Retail)

Seasons UV Swim & Active Wear

Jen Hutchinson
(866) 726-1827

POP! Put On Protection.

Ensuring the little ones from harmful UVA and UVB rays is our priority. That’s why Seasons UV is the industry leader in testing: in fact, we test our entire product line twice to ensure it provides maximum UPF protection.

Did you know that most children rack up between 50% and 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before age 18? A cotton T-Shirt has only about 5 UPF, that is like putting a 5 SPF sunscreen on your child…not enough. Seasons UV apparel is 50++UPF, it is like sunscreen that does not wear off.

Fun and function sun protection means, wonderful design that have families in mind. Our baby one pieces swim and play all day wear features diaper zippers which make that task of changes easy and effortless. Dries quickly to become all day sun protection active wear. Our UV activated designs that change colour as the sun rays intensify, have kids thinking its magic and give parents visual reminders to re-apply sunscreen to those exposed areas.

Mom & Dad now can also be covered with our 50++UPF solar guards and hoodies.


Robin Nash
(800) 315-3039

Bobux are the original soft-soled leather baby shoes for newborns through age five. The Bobux collection now includes Pram, Pre-Walk and I-Walk by Bobux; premium leather shoes with flexible, natural rubber soles. These high quality shoes feature padded insoles, leather linings and full leather uppers.

Bobux is proud of our Eco-Leather material. Our shoes are safe for Baby AND our environment! No harmful chemicals, and tanneries have water-treatment facilities. Our Eco-Leather and shoes are made in New Zealand where Bobux was established in 1991. They are STILL hand sewn today, mostly by specially trained women who work out of their homes, so they can still care for their families while earning a good living.

We are also very proud of our excellent customer service. Experienced, friendly representatives are available weekdays from 8-5 MST. You can always reach a “real” person during business hours! (24 hour machine also available.) Our minimum opening order is just 18 pairs, and there are NO minimums on reorders. Styles can be EXCHANGED! That’s right! You can return shoes and exchange for other styles (as long as they are not discontinued.)

We look forward to our business with you in 2011. Cheers!


Mandy Arnone
(877) 788-6638

Ten Trendsetting, Eco-friendly Shoe, Sandal and Boot Styles for 2011!

At Pedoodles we make it our business to ensure growing little feet are surrounded by quality and comfort! That’s why all of our fun-loving 2011 styles are made with super soft, lab tested materials and fitted with recycled PedFlex™ rubber soles that are not only good for toddler toes; they’re good for the Earth as well!

This season, we are excited to welcome ten snazzy new, ultra-flexible, Eco-friendly styles to our growing lineup. They’re perfect for the healthy development of toddler feet and feature a generous dose of style — just for fun!

New styles include The Heartbreaker and Sled Dogs leather boots which are sure to kick up fun — snow, rain or shine! Little nature lovers will love to hit the trails in The Huckleberry and Happy Campers styles that are always ready for an outdoor adventure. Athletic types can don our Little Rookies for some serious action on the playing field, then head off to cavort at the beach in The Reef sandals. Of course, we didn’t forget about all the little princesses! There are several irresistibly sweet styles for young ladies to choose from including The Wild Flower, Tiny Dancers, BlueBelles, and Lilac Ladies.

Health Care & Bath


Marti Wagner
(520) 615-0751

We hope that baby got what they wanted this Christmas. Sure that little bib and those baby shoes are cute, but what about the gift of good health? Instead, think about the benefits of giving the gift of Spiffies® tooth and gum-wipes. Oral care is not just about the mouth and teeth – doctors now know that good dental health can result in improved overall health.

These little wipes are packed with a natural, delicious and safe ingredient that can stop cavity causing bacteria in their tracks. By getting baby started early, you are helping to promote a lifetime of good oral health habits. Spiffies® are convenient to use; they are individually wrapped and have been proven in clinical studies to be effective in reducing dental plaque and tooth decay. As an added benefit, if put into the fridge to chill, Spiffies® can be used as a cool compress on inflamed gums. A perfectly natural way to relieve teething pain.

Our Spiffies oral care gift box is a lovely gift for any new parent and contains 60 Spiffies Wipes and Baby Tooth Guide©, which was written to give new parents solid, safe and up to date information on the care of baby teeth. Spiffies were developed by a pediatrician, in the hopes of lowering the tooth decay rate in the US which shows that 40% of children by the age of 6 have a dental cavity. Cavities are preventable with good oral hygiene in infancy. Spiffies can help!